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52 Directors Pick Their Favorite Movies of 2018

Their films were on every Top 10, but what's on their lists? Guillermo del Toro, Lynne Ramsay, Edgar Wright, and more reflect on the best of 2018.   IndieWire

Start 2019 Right: Get Smarter in Just 5 Minutes with Morning Brew

[Partner]  Elevator delivers the unique, compelling articles and stories that give you interesting things to talk about. One thing we don't generally talk about is the "news," which is where Morning Brew comes in. Morning Brew takes all the latest financial and tech news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley and delivers it right to your inbox daily. From market positions and earnings reports, to mergers and acquisitions, Morning Brew helps more than 175,000+ business professionals start their day better than any cup of coffee could. You'll be smarter in just five minutes.   Morning Brew

What Happened When I Rode a Boosted Board from New York to Philadelphia

Electric transportation is changing the American commute, replacing cars, trains, buses—even Uber. The names to know in the new era of motorized, legally ambiguous, kinda cool, kinda lame, but totally intriguing people movers you want for some reason.   Popular Mechanics

Coffee, Alcohol and Being Overweight May Lead to a Longer Life, Study Finds

Your morning cup of joe and your evening nightcap aren’t likely to kill you. Instead, they may help you live longer, according to one of the largest ever studies of the “oldest old” age group.   AskMen

Going Dumb: My Year with a Flip Phone

For eight months this year, I used a flip phone. For most of those eight months, I hated myself and everyone else.   Wired


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