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How to Travel Like Anthony Bourdain Did

Luckily for us starry-eyed wanderers and mileage-counting journeyers, he also imparted timeless wisdom about what—and what not—to do while on life’s lonesome highways. Here are our 10 favorite travel tips from the man, the myth, and the legend himself, the late Anthony Bourdain.   
Cool Material

Fulton & Roark Sterling Solid Cologne Makes You Smell Great All Day

[Partner]  Born out of North Carolina, Fulton & Roark's line of solid colognes smell fantastic, are great for a gym bag or carry-on, and (unlike traditional spray cologne) can't spill or break. You'll find the same commitment to quality and attention to detail that helped start the brand in Sterling, their homage to the rich and complex fragrance that is tobacco. They spent more than a year getting the formulas just right, and the final product is a fragrance that is assertive but not aggressive. It's also a great gift for any man on your list.   Fulton & Roark

6 Questions to Ask on Your First Trip to a Weed Dispensary

The prospect of walking into a shop full of pot could feel odd for about 80 percent of the country (residents of 40 of 50 states, anyway). Because no matter how many times your buddy who went to college in Boulder tells you it’s super chill, seeing hundreds of strains on the wall runs the risk of being overwhelming for folks unacquainted with the dispensary experience. Hence the necessity of a very brief and helpful guide on the matter, penned a group of experts who are about as well-versed on the subject as any.   Gear Patrol

How to Be an Artist

There are 33 rules — and they really are all you need to know to make a life for yourself in art. Or 34, if you count “Always be nice, generous, and open with others and take good care of your teeth.” And No. 35: “Fake it till you make it.”   Vulture

How to (Painlessly!) Plan the Annual Guys Trip

Below you’ll find your comprehensive guide, from who to invite (and who to leave out) to the apps that make splitting the bill a breeze to a few recommendations on locations we consider LJC (Lad Jaunt Conducive).    InsideHook


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