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How Disney Built a Star Wars Planet

This is place-setting at its finest, every single detail of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is meant to invoke a world we’ve never been but firmly set in a universe we already love.   Popular Mechanics

GrowlerWerks New Ukeg Nitro Lets You Have Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Whenever and Wherever

[Partner]  GrowlerWerks uKeg pressurized growler completely changed the way we consume beer bringing the tap experience home. The new uKeg Nitro does for nitro cold brew coffee what the original did for beer. Put your favorite coffee in the filter, add water, charge the cap and wait. When it's ready, pull the tap handle to pour your 64oz of delicious nitro cold brew. The patented Nitro system also keeps brew fresh and creamy for weeks, which is probably enough time for it to pay for itself if you drink coffee like we do.  Back the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro today!

The Gambling Nuns of Torrance, California

Thou shalt not steal…unless you're one of the Vegas-loving nuns who allegedly took the Catholic school under their watch for every penny they could. A Southern California community reckons with an altogether new form of churchly hypocrisy.   GQ

The Right Way to Pet a Dog, According to Veterinarians

Much like humans, dogs are complex creatures with a wide range of personalities, so it helps to know the basics of dog psychology and body language before approaching that adorable golden retriever in the park.   Mental Floss

Yes, an Epic Around-The-World Train Trip Actually Exists

Here’s how you can ride the rails to see 15 countries and 5 national parks across 4 continents in 57 days.   Afar


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