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8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.

The purpose of a morning routine is to get yourself moving toward your grand and exciting future. If you don’t have an exciting future that you’re working toward, then you are literally stuck in the past. And when stuck in the past, you cannot change your life, but only repeat the patterns that got you here. When you repeat the patterns that got you here, you’ll have a lot of empty yesterdays.   Thrive Global
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CBD Pain Relief Balm

[Shop]  Formulated to target inflammation and nagging pain, this CBD Pain Relief Balm is a gamechanger for those with sore muscles and a few of life’s unavoidable aches and pains. The secret sauce is a mixture of CBD (Cannabidiol), arnica, ginger, comfrey, and other organic herbs. The naturally occurring cannabinoid, which is found in both marijuana and industrial hemp, shows incredible promise in treating arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, and a range of other ailments. This one-ounce stick is ideal for grab and go, meaning it won’t take up space in your work or gym bag and offers relief at a moment’s notice.   Shop Cool Material
 B O D Y 

You Asked: What High-Fat Foods Should I Be Eating?

By now you’ve probably gotten the message: dietary fat is not the enemy. When you reach for low-fat salad dressing or fat-free snack foods, you’re not doing your health or waistline any favors. So which high-fat foods should be packing your plate? Start with nuts and vegetable oils, says Dr. Lydia Bazzano, a professor of nutrition at Tulane University.   Time
 M O V E 

Year in Fitness: How Exercise Keeps Us Young

Some of the biggest news in exercise science this year concerned the tiniest impacts from physical activity, which does not mean that the impacts were inconsequential. It means they were microscopic.   The New York Times
 G R E A T   R E A D 

53 Health Resolutions That Only Require One Small Change

Whether you need help thinking up resolutions for the upcoming year, or want something small and specific enough that you’ll actually stick to, we’ve got a long list of 53 resolutions to choose from.   Healthline
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