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How Harley-Davidson's All-In Bet on Its Past Crippled Its Future

It was kind of a miracle that Harley had lasted that long to begin with and, indeed, had almost done so by default. Such was the impact of 1969's Easy Rider that, without it, the company might not have existed much longer after it, since, historically, motorcycle companies in the United States came and went at the ferocious whims of the marketplace.   Jalopnik

If Your Mug Is Looking a Little Tired, This Kit Is Your Wake up Call

Advertisement[Partner]  Face off against the daily damage done by stress, sun exposure, poor sleep habits and one too many drinks with the Port Products Marine Layer® Age-Fighting Trio. This anti-aging set of eye gel, SPF moisturizer and face masks is packed with potent marine ingredients like red algae and sea kelp that work wonders both in the moment and in the long run—instantly bringing your skin back to life while fighting long-term damage. Even better, ELEVATOR readers get an exclusive $40 off the set with code ELEVATOR40. Try it for yourself today:   Port Products

How the Campbell’s Soup Paintings Became Andy Warhol’s Meal Ticket

In 1961, Warhol believed he was about to have his big breakthrough with a batch of paintings inspired by comic books, but Roy Lichtenstein had beaten him to the punch. “He did it so much better,” Warhol admitted. He needed a new idea. A friend, the interior designer Muriel Latow, charged Warhol $50 for one: make paintings of money, she said. And she tossed in a second idea for free: Campbell’s.   Vanity Fair

This Winter, Throw the Kind of Party Your Friends Would Hate to Miss

Autumn is here. The air is brisk. Call your friends and invite them over for a drink—trust us, doing this will feel good. Entertain them. And do so elegantly—this is where the “refusal” part comes in. Stay chill. Decline to work yourself into a frenzy. Have things on hand—premade cocktails in the freezer, tins of caviar in the fridge, Italian honey in the pantry, beautiful kitchen tools arrayed on the counter—that will make your hosting appear effortless and, yes, elegant.   Esquire

Why We Should All Consider Taking a Midlife Gap Year

When Caroline Harper suddenly found herself jobless in her mid-40s, she decided to step off the corporate ladder and travel to all the places she’d always wanted to go, from Antarctica to Egypt. Here’s how it changed her life — and her career.   TED Ideas


Valais, Switzerland by @_marcelsiebert
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