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Aim High and Do Everything In Your Control to Become Your Best Self

You and I both know that your attitude is only one part of the equation. Without putting in the work, you must realize that you will not win. You can have all the talent in the world, if you don’t put it to work, you will never reach your full potential.   Darius Foroux
 P U R S U E 

Tani USA Makes the Underwear You Should Be Wearing Everyday

[Partner]  For most of us, underwear isn't something we really think about. You pull out a fresh pair after a shower, throw em on and go about your day. Wrong move. Tani USA is here to help with some of the world's best and most comfortable underwear. Tani strives to set a new standard in underwear by innovating on every aspect of the garment. With new and patented fabrics, high durability and a better waistband, Tani underwear simply feels better and fits unlike anything else. Even better, you get 20% off with code SHIFT at checkout.   Tani
 B O D Y 

8 Great Weapons for That Midafternoon (or Anytime) Snack Attack

It’s true that one reason most of us grab a candy bar when we get the munchies is simply that it’s convenient. But did you know there are lots of other convenience foods that don’t come loaded with added sugars or artificial colors and flavorings? Plus, these other eight, great “convenience” foods — think of them as weapons against a snack attack — taste far better than any junk food counterpart you could name.   Dr. Mercola
 M O V E 

Exercise at Night Won’t Mess up Your Sleep

If you have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the treadmill, you might be tempted to ditch your bi-weekly cardio session. However, new science is here, and it’s telling you not to do that.   Futurity
 G R E A T   R E A D 

The Simple (And Not-So-Simple) Changes That Might Actually Improve Your Life — According to Reddit, at Least

With this hell of a year coming to a close, everyone deserves to reflect on their accomplishments. What better way to celebrate these achievements — and motivate ourselves to keep on keeping on — than by reading through the positive life changes that others made this year.   MEL Magazine
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