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What It's Like to Pursue a Dream for 30 Years — and Fail

For 30 years, Keahi Seymour pursued a dream. That dream wasn’t to play in the NFL. It wasn’t to front a rock band. It wasn’t to grace the silver screen. It wasn’t to cure cancer. It wasn’t to walk on the moon, discover Atlantis, or lead a nation. Keahi Seymour wanted to invent a boot that enabled him to run like an ostrich. And he wanted to share it with the world.   The Hustle

CBD Pain Relief Balm

[Shop]  There’s a reason you’re hearing so much about CBD (cannabidiol) these days. The naturally occurring cannabinoid, which is found in both marijuana and industrial hemp, shows incredible promise in treating arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, and a range of other ailments. This one-ounce stick is ideal for grab and go, meaning it won’t take up space in your work or gym bag and offers relief at a moment’s notice.   Shop Cool Material

12 Unforgettable Movie Heists, Graded and Ranked

Heist movies are a dime a dozen, but a truly good movie heist is something you don’t forget. While plenty of great movies have situated themselves among con men and robbers, and luxuriated in the satisfaction of a good grift, not as many take the time to take us through the play-by-play of a heist — whether its a mere bank stickup or something requiring more time and planning and laser-dodging acrobatics.   Vulture

Your Digital Identity Has Three Layers, and You Can Only Protect One of Them

It would be nice to think that we have control over our online profile. After all, we’re the ones who feed terabytes of personal data into mobile apps and online platforms. We decide which photos we want to share and which should remain private. We accept or reject invitations, control tags, and think twice before publishing a post or a comment. We are critical and selective about the content we like or share. So why wouldn’t we be in control?   Quartz

How We Lost Our Ability to Mend

Everyone has a stash of spare buttons rattling around in some drawer, with each button still neatly tucked inside its original packaging until we gather the will to throw it away. We buy things because they’re supposedly “investment pieces” and “classics,” but when it comes time to actually take care of our clothes, we don’t actually know how – or, more often, can’t be bothered.   Die, Workwear!


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