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The Man Behind Most of the Ski Maps in America

There’s good chance that any time you slide off the top of a chairlift, you’ll be faced with James Niehues’s work. The 72-year-old Coloradan has hand-painted the maps used by more than 200 ski resorts. But skiing’s most prolific artist says he stumbled into it by luck.   Outside

Become Smarter in Just 5 Minutes with Morning Brew

[Partner]  There's a reason 875,000 people start their day with Morning Brew, the daily email that delivers the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Written in a witty and conversational tone, it actually makes reading the news enjoyable. The best part? It’s just a 5-minute read, so you can get all the most relevant updates, then get on with your day. Make your mornings more enjoyable, for free. Check it out:  Morning Brew

How to Be the Type of Person Everyone Wants to Know

Some people are simply a joy to be around. The conversation flows effortlessly. You laugh. You’re genuinely interested. You look forward to seeing them, and when you part ways you feel like their company was a valuable use of your time.   Self - Medium

How to Get a Perfect Credit Score

1.5% of people in the U.S. have a perfect 850 or 860 credit score. Here is how you can too, even though you may not want or need to.   Bloomberg

The Grocery Store Where Stars Are Born

The Northeast Los Angeles Super A — and its parking lot, where Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s characters wrote “Shallow” — has become internationally famous. But it was a local landmark well before ‘A Star Is Born.’   The Ringer


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