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50 States of Sex Legislation

An A-Z look at the laws protecting—and harming—reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, sex education, and more.   Esquire

Eight Sleep Beds Are Designed to Boost Your Performance

[Partner]  You know all the reasons why a good bed is essential. Trust us when we tell you that the Pod from Eight Sleep is unlike all other beds. It's a premium 4-layer memory foam mattress with smart cooling and heating across dual temperature zones, which makes you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and experience fewer disruptions. That's right, the Pod actively cools and heats itself based on your sleep schedule, preferences and personal biometrics to make sure you're rested, recovered and ready to go every morning. Get $150 off and free shipping with code ELEVATOR when you order Eight Sleep today!

How to Talk Bourbon: 11 Slang Terms Every Wannabe Expert Should Know

Hobbyist talk is the true enemy of every would-be hobbyist, and bourbon, as with all activities that lend themselves to obsession, is laced with words that make little sense to the outsider. Here’s a brief guide on talking bourbon like a bona fide bourbon drinker.   Gear Patrol

The Pizza Ovens of Brooklyn

An illustrated guide to three outstanding specimens.   The New York Times

These Engineering Students Built a Special Pen Just for Cheating on Tests

We thought about hacking a calculator so it could send text messages. But the pen just seemed like an easier idea. It was actually my own. I did a rough sketch of it and my friend, who's an electrical engineer, took a regular pen and hollowed it out. He cut down the stem that holds the ink so it could hold more space inside. We inserted a vibrator connected to a small battery the size of a pinky nail. They were connected via radio signal. If you held the vibrator, it would steadily vibrate, and we could speak in Morse code, which I already knew from doing radio in Boy Scouts.   Vice


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