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Tibet Is Going Crazy for Hoops

Along the northeastern edge of the Tibetan plateau, a treacherous landscape where yaks graze above the clouds, basketball hoops are everywhere: at the bases of cliffs; in the courtyards of centuries-old, golden-roofed monasteries; in nomadic villages tucked into the hills.   
The Atlantic

Watch Gang Makes a Great Gift for Every Guy on Your List

[Partner]  If you're still on the hunt for that perfect last minute gift for the hard to shop for guy, you need to check out Watch Gang. One of the best monthly boxes and watch clubs in the world, they send you a new premium watch every month. Do you keep them? Absolutely. Are the watches any good? No. They're amazing. All watches are guaranteed to be worth up to 5x the membership value, and Watch Gang also gives away a Rolex, TAG, and Seiko every week. Even better, you can get 25% off with code elv25.   Watch Gang

A Day with the Christmas Tree Vendors of New York

Uptown Christmas Trees, the business name for Gopher Broke Farms’ Christmas tree operation in New York City, ships nearly 17,000 trees to the city over the course of a Christmas tree season. George Nash, the founder and owner of Gopher Broke Farm, a sustainable farm that began in the 1970s and is located on six acres in Hyde Park, Vermont, he told me how in a good year, the goal is to only throw away only 100 of those trees — which means that he’s selling just over 500 trees per day.   The Outline

Life and Death on El Capitan

Tim Klein and Jason Wells were weekend warriors. They were also two of the best climbers to ever ply their trade on Yosemite's most iconic wall. So the climbing world was stunned when they died on some of its easiest terrain.   Outside

7 Wine Resolutions for a Better 2019

2019! A new year! A new you! Kind of. Because let’s be real, you’re never going to keep your closet clean and I’m never turning in my invoices on time, so let’s focus on low-impact goals that don’t require another unused Pilates package. Here are six tips that will help you drink better in 2019 and in all the many joyous, non-hellish years I am praying for ahead.   
Bon Appétit


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