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The 25 Beers You Need to Try Before You Die

We asked a dozen masters of beer and brewing to name which beers every drinker should try at least once in their lifetime. Some of them are basic, beers that give you a baseline and hold your hand ahead of more complex and obscure styles. Others are simply the most notable examples of brewers pushing the limits of science and taste.   Gear Patrol

Deejo Pocket Knives Can Be Customized Just for Dad

[Partner]  Much like your dad, French knife manufacturer Deejo does things a little differently. This Father's Day, get dad a gift he'll cherish by customizing a Deejo knife just for him. Choose the handle material, weight, finish, and text you want displayed on the handle. Then select one of 75 different tattoo designs ranging from an old-school pin-up girl or a watch movement, to a wilderness scene or animals to have displayed on the blade. Put that all together and you're making dad a unique knife (and a gift!) unlike anything he's gotten before.   Deejo

The Scooterboys: British Subculture’s Lost Tribe

Our firm wasn’t so much Mod as a mixture of football fans, skinheads and fucking cranks. We recognised the lineage from Mod but we were more like street casuals. We wore Adidas trainers and straight jeans. Mod was always a bit too much fannying-about and elitism. You can overdo it. Mods are obsessed with image whereas Scooterboys will just get the army fatigues on and go.   Huck

Are Video Games the Best New Social Network?

They are no longer lonely pursuits for recluses. A wave of new games are designed to be a way to hang out with friends.   The New York Times

What Can You Eat to Make Yourself Happier?

Studies have long suggested that eating properly, in addition to making your body feel good, can improve your overall mental health. For example, one study found that people who eat hardly any fruits and vegetables can experience a boost in happiness equivalent to what an unemployed person feels when they find a job simply by adding eight servings of produce to their daily diet.   MEL Magazine


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