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The 100 Scares That Shaped Horror

So with the horror fan base expanding and mainstream interest in the genre booming, Vulture spent the past few months identifying the 100 Scares That Shaped Horror Movies, with the help of dozens of academics, historians, critics, filmmakers, and journalists. Think of it as your best at-a-glance guide to more than a century’s worth of terrifying films.   Vulture

The Oris Aquis Date Watch Is Built for Everyday Wear

[Partner]  For over a century, Oris has been making mechanical watches in Hölstein, Switzerland. Focused on the four tenets of culture, diving, aviation and motorsport, Oris watches are made for everyday wear with functional designs and useful complications. The independently owned and operated Swiss watch company makes some of the best watches for the money. And the Oris Aquis Date is the perfect example of everything the brand stands for. This watch doesn’t compromise on style or durability, which makes it at home in the urban jungle or deep beneath the waves.   Oris Advertisement

40 Money Lessons Learned After 40 Years on This Earth

… my 30’s have been a lot more productive than my 20’s. I’ve had the privilege of building websites and blogs in industries like web design, photography, travel, and finance. Three of those websites/blogs were sold for more than $200,000 each. My wife and I also ran and sold a six-figure Amazon FBA business. Despite a slow start, things have improved. My wife was able to leave her job almost 6 years ago when our daughter was born, which has been great for our family.   Budgets Are Sexy

12 Insider Secrets from Restaurant Kitchens (That You Can Use at Home)

The cooks are the ones who make the kitchen run. They know how to peel 100 potatoes while simultaneously boiling perfectly al dente pasta. They're hyper-organized and efficient, and their demanding workload combined with their desire to prepare perfect food means they have some seriously valuable cooking tricks up their sleeves.”   Kitchn

The 40 Greatest Family Games

For some families, game nights are at the very core of who they are and how they live together. From generation to generation, brothers and sisters and cousins in game families have shared in-jokes, swapped anecdotes, and passed down the legend of that time Grandma accidentally drew something kind of racy in Pictionary. When they gather around a game board, they’re at their smartest and their funniest, and they make some memories.   Slate


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