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Chessboxing: The New Craze Where Brain Meets Brawn

We enter the ring for a night of chessboxing: a curious combination of four-minute speed chess and three-minute boxing.   Huck Magazine

The 2019 Standard Memorandum

[Shop]  Inspired by pocket journals from the early 1900s, The Standard Memorandum is designed to chronicle one year of your life. Word. Notebooks has once again teamed up with designer and illustrator Jon Contino to create a modern version of this storied notebook. The 2019 Standard Memorandum is the latest incarnation of the exceedingly popular daily pocket journal, and it’s ready to tackle your new year. Just like with the original, simply jot down a line or two every day for a year, and you'll be left with a memento you can save or pass down. It’s a year of your life on paper.   Shop Cool Material

Technology, Ranked

The world is filled with amazing technologies, many that are so old we don’t even think of them as technologies at all. Today, we present the definitive list of every important technology ever, ranked by their importance. These aren’t all necessarily good technologies, of course. There are plenty that have made the world a more miserable place for everybody. But they’re still on the list.   Paleofuture

The 50 Modern War Books Every Man Should Read

These 50 books tell the story of warfare from all perspectives: soldier and citizen, prisoner and guard, warrior and philosopher.   InsideHook

The 19 Movies in 2019 We're Most Excited to See

In anticipation of all of the choices you'll be making in the months to come, we’ve assembled a shortlist of movies we’re most excited for — including titles both obvious and obscure — to help you say goodbye to last year's disappointments and start looking forward to this one's triumphs.’   Syfy


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