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These 50 Stunning Photos from the 2018 Underwater Photography Competition Will Leave You Breathless

Oceans cover a whopping 71% of the Earth’s surface – and even though this number is so high, we rarely get to see what lives deep under its surface. Lucky for us, there are dedicated photographers out there, who capture amazing photos of the unique flora and fauna of the ocean for the whole world to see.   DeMilked

Echelon Exercise Bikes Bring Live Studio Fitness to the Comfort of Your Home

[Partner]  When you're busy, it can be difficult to carve out time for the gym. That isn't an issue with an Echelon Exercise Bike because they bring live studio fitness to the convenience of your home. Whether you opt for the Connect EX1 or Connect EX3 Max bike, you'll be hooked up to a vast community of active individuals through an immersive fitness experience featuring live, on-demand or scenic rides with Echelon's certified instructors. With bike + subscription plans starting at $840 or financing options starting at $50/mo., there's an Echelon fitness experience for everyone.   Echelon

6 Reasons Why You’re a Bad Listener (And How to Change It)

It may seem counterintuitive, but the way to achieve success is to make the people around you successful, says Fred Halstead, author of Leadership Skills that Inspire Incredible Results. To help others succeed you have to become good at listening.   Fast Company

How Energy Bars Became America's Favorite Snack Food

When outdoor athletes launched the first energy bars more than 30 years ago, no one could have predicted it would revolutionize the way Americans eat. A look inside the hottest—and strangest—category in natural foods.   Outside

Motoring, Marketing, and the Story of the Michelin Man

Michelin is the world's leading tire brand and has been for 120 years, but the Michelin Brothers did far more than just make good tires. Born in 1898, Bibendum (the Michelin Man) has communicated Michelin's message across the entire history of the automobile.   New Atlas


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