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The Story of Ernest Hemingway’s $187,000 Magazine Expenses Claim

His costs on the continent included the hire of two secretaries, a car and chauffeur on the black market, and “horse cabs for brief trips in Paris.”   Columbia Journalism Review

Start the Summer Right With 25% off From Watch Gang

[Partner]  It's summer wardrobe time, and that means you need a new watch. Enter Watch Gang. Watch Gang delivers a premium watch right to your door, on your schedule. By partnering directly with brands from around the world, they can save you up to 70% off retail. Plus, if you purchase a timepiece you’ll automatically be entered into a giveaway to win a Rolex, Seiko and TAG every week! Even better, you get 25% off an order for yourself (or Dad!) with code summer1 if you order in the next 24 hours, so sign up today!

The $500m Smiley Face Business

Nearly 50 years ago, one man ‘invented’ the modern smiley face. Then, another man halfway across the world made it into a multimillion-dollar cash cow.   The Hustle

The Navy Says UFOs Are Real. UFO Hunters Are Thrilled

With the Navy's recent revelation that its pilots have been regularly spotting unidentified flying objects, some of those in the UFO community who were once thought crazy now have some concrete evidence to point to. And the regular spate of mainstream news stories about UFO sightings has inspired a new generation of UFO hunters and researchers.   Vice

On Pooping in the Dark—No Lights, No Phones, No Distractions

Pooping today is a plugged-in, plugged-up project. At least three-quarters of Americans, including 96 percent of members of Gen Z, shit with their smartphones. Straining away, they text, date, and Google “hemorrhoids” at three times the pre-iPhone rate. I have a friend who spends his longer movements calling his mother.   Wired


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