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The Egg Thief

For decades Jeffrey Lendrum helicoptered up and rappelled down to aeries on cliff faces from Patagonia to Quebec, snatching unhatched raptors and selling them, investigators believe, to wealthy Middle Eastern falconers. This week in London, one of the most bizarre criminals in modern history goes on trial for the fourth time. Here is his story.   Outside

When You Can't Wear Jeans, Wear INDOchinos

[Partner]  As much as we'd like to wear jeans everyday, there are occasions that call for a proper pair of business-casual pants. Forget the off-the-rack options from the big box store because Indochino has a much better option with their made-to-measure chinos. Available in khaki, navy, olive or black, these mid-weight, 100% cotton pants are durable, comfortable and suitable for all climates. You can even customize specific details like pleats, cuffs, pocket styles and button colors for your desired look. Even better, you can get 2 pairs of chinos for $129 with code ELEVATOR.   Indochino

Before Social Media Killed Hollywood Nightlife

In the early 2000s, stars could still go to bars and let their hair down without becoming a Twitter Moment, as Pantera Sarah, one of the era's top club promoters, reveals in her personal pictures of A-listers at now-defunct hotspots.   The Hollywood Reporter

Don’t Reply to Your Emails

In 2019, I suggest you let it all go. There is simply no way for anyone with a full-time job and multiple inboxes to keep up with the current email climate. Even after deleting and sorting my 2,700 unread messages, I awoke the next day to more than 400 more.   The Atlantic

The French Burglar Who Pulled off His Generation’s Biggest Art Heist

The skilled climber and thief Vjeran Tomic, whom the French press referred to as Spider-Man, has described robbery as an act of imagination.   The New Yorker


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