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How Graffiti Became Gentrified

Two decades after Rudy Giuliani tried to rid New York City of graffiti, the art form is flourishing—with unexpected consequences.   The New Republic

Save Big on 100+ Items During Cool Material's "We're Not Amazon" Sale

[Shop]  If you're anything like us, and we know you are, your online shopping starts at Amazon. The problem with Amazon is that it's just too big. We want curated products just like we want curated news. That's where the Cool Material Shop comes in. They do for gear, clothing and decor what we do for interesting news. They just kicked off their "We're Not Amazon" sale to clear out inventory space to make way for the latest and greatest. What's that mean for you? Up to half off on 100+ items. When it's gone, it's gone for good, so act fast to save big!

Sobriety Is Having a Moment. Here Come the Influencers.

A recent Atlantic article found that while there are limited statistics to quantify the decrease in millennial drinking, there is a developing cultural shift wherein social lives aren’t as alcohol-centric as they once were. There’s a feeling that this change — coupled with the emergence of trendsetters who see their sobriety as an asset — could hugely change the role booze plays in our social lives.   Vox

Is the Age of Monogamy Finally Over?

In her new documentary, filmmaker Bara Jichova Tyson probes the ever-changing relationship between infidelity, sex and marriage.   Huck

26 Booze Experts on the One Bottle They’d Want If Stranded on a Desert Island

Marooned with a single bottle of booze … that’s a query that requires some careful thought. So we sought out 26 of our favorite bartenders and booze-industry professionals and asked ‘em: If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one bottle of booze you’d like to accompany you?   InsideHook


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