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An Oral History of Detroit Punk Rock

In Detroit’s empty buildings and troubled streets, restless kids squatted, ran punk clubs, pressed their own records, and made their own magazine. They mostly stayed out of trouble.   Longreads

Pick up a Great Pair of Jeans and Get a Free Harry's Shaving Kit

Advertisement[Partner]  Revtown’s committed to offering the best price possible for their products every day of the year. So instead of a Cyber Monday sale, we've partnered with Harry’s to give our customers a little something extra. This Cyber Monday, every Revtown jeans purchase will come with a Harry’s shaving kit, free of charge. A close shave and a great pair of jeans make this two perfect gifts for the price of one--even if you're shopping for yourself.   Revtown

There’s Seldom Any Traffic on the High Road

Our instincts are to escalate when really, we should be focused on de-escalating the situation. One way to do that is to take the high road. Say something along the lines of “I can see that.” You don’t have to apologize. You don’t have to agree with what the other person is saying. But I promise the results are magic. It’s hard to be angry with someone who agrees with you.   Farnam Street

A Day in the Life of Lloyd Squires, Vermont's 'Best' Bagel Maker

Lloyd Squires, 54, wakes up in his South Burlington home as he does every day: without an alarm. He puts on a layer of Under Armour, a Montreal Canadiens T-shirt and a matching Canadiens hat. He likes hockey. He'd fallen asleep around 9:30 the night before, watching his team lose to the Sabres. He rarely gets four hours of sleep.   Burlington Free Press

The Zen Rule for Becoming Happier: Change One Thing

Any decision to change one’s life, in such a complex context, needs to be extremely simple and easy to follow.   Quartzy


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