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Can You Biohack Your Way to Better Sex?

Proponents of the Silicon Valley–based health trend say you can biohack any part of your lifestyle, including your sex drive. Here’s what that entails.   GQ

Upgrade Your Style Game Every Month with SprezzaBox

[Partner]  Is your wardrobe feeling a little boring these days? Forget the big box or hours scrolling through online stores, SprezzaBox is your one stop shop for a style upgrade. The top-rated subscription company--they've shipped over 1,000,000 boxes--ships you five new items each month at a price that won't break the bank. A personal curator tests out and hand-picks items like ties, wallets, sunglasses, socks, and watches that are sure to be welcome additions to your collection. Monthly subscriptions start at just $28 and promise over $100 in retail value delivered to your door each month.   SprezzaBox

Welcome to the Wild World of Tokyo's Underground Lowrider Culture

Lowriders aren’t exactly what you’d expect to be a perfect fit for Japan. Huge, classic American cars are relative rarity here, and it’s hard at first to imagine how lowriders themselves—a product of the car cultures of mostly Latinx and black gearheads on America’s West Coast after World War II—could gain a foothold here. That’s what I thought, at least. But apparently I’ve been missing out because it seems there’s a big and strong following for lowriders in Japan.   Jalopnik

How to Make a Decision When You Are Uncertain of What to Do, Ben Franklin Style

In September 1772, the English scientist Joseph Priestly had a difficult decision to make. Should he accept Lord Shelburne's offer to become his personal librarian, which paid well and would certainly be rewarding, or should he remain in Leeds, where he was comfortably settled and had plenty of interesting work to pursue? Priestly turned to his American friend Benjamin Frankin, who offered the following weighted pro/con algorithm for arriving at a decision when faced with uncertainty.   Boing Boing

The Best Whiskeys in Every State Right Now

The absolute best whiskey in America still comes out of Kentucky, whether you believe it is Pappy Van Winkle, George T. Stagg, or perhaps a more offbeat selection. Likewise, Jack Daniels is, if not the best, the most famous whiskey in America, and the best-selling too. Jack has stamped Kentucky's neighbor to the south, Tennessee, as another state uniquely linked with the good stuff. But what about whiskeys from other states?   Esquire


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