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The Best Apps We Discovered in 2018

Beyond Instagram and Spotify, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite niche apps of the year, from those that help you sleep and meditate to those that remind you to pay your bills.   The Ringer

There's Still Time to Get Revtown Jeans in Time for the Holidays

[Partner]  If you haven't slipped into a pair of Revtown Sharp Jeans yet, you don't know what you're missing. Revtown was built by former Under Armour execs that applied the function, comfort and flexibility of performance apparel to denim. By infusing Italian denim with athletic stretch, they created a timeless pair of jeans that move with you and are as tough as nails. Order today (12/19) by 2pm EST and Revtown will get them to you in time for the holidays for free. Find the gift you’ve been looking to give (or get) today!   Revtown

Which Jokes Comedians Would Steal If They Could Get Away with It

Oooh doggy, joke stealing makes everyone so mad all the time. But, like all types of stealing, it sure seems like fun if you could know you’d get away with it.   Vulture

The Technology That Could End Traffic Jams

With the number of cars clogging roads around the world expected to double in the coming decades, new ways of responding to crashes, controlling traffic lights and creating diversions will be needed to keep traffic moving.   BBC

The Winners of 2018's Travel Photographer of the Year Contest Are Beautiful

The winning images of this year's competition, submitted from photographers from 142 countries, are beautiful trip around the world. They cover incredibly diverse subject matters, from a boy from the Suri tribe in Ethiopia to a volcano in Guatemala erupting against the backdrop of a starry sky.   Digg


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