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9 Ways to Become More Courageous

Courage is well thought of as a muscle that needs regular training to be kept strong. You can’t expect never to exercise your bravery, and then somehow be able to call upon it in an emergency. It has to be kept “in shape” through small choices, for you to be able to employ it in the service of big ones.   The Art of Manliness
 P U R S U E 

The Switchboard Black

[Shop]  The coat rack is a necessary part of any entryway, but the functionality can get bogged down in all the coats, hats, scarves and bags that inevitably get stacked on each of the rungs or hooks. You won't have that problem with The Switchboard coat rack. The 30" long triangular rack includes 25 triangular wood hooks that rest against the wall until you fold them down to hold each of your daily items you don't need for the moment. Made from beech wood and finished with black paint, Switchboard is as stylish as it is functional.   Shop Cool Material
 B O D Y 

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way in 2019

If your first thought as a 2019 weight loss hopeful is "What diet am I going to go on?" Folks, you’re doing it wrong.   GQ
 M O V E 

30 Minutes of Exercise Can Counteract a Day of Sitting

The body was designed to get up and move. When we move, we increase our muscle strength and cardiovascular health all while cutting down our chances of developing many diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Movement can also improve our overall mood, decrease stress levels, and, ultimately, prolong our lifespan.   Healthline
 G R E A T   R E A D 

The Bulletproof Coffee Founder Has Spent $1 Million in His Quest to Live to 180

Asprey is best known as the founder of Bulletproof Coffee. And while coffee is what put Asprey on the map, his aspirations are much bigger than that—and having the longest human life span ever recorded is just one part of his plan.   Men's Health
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