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15 Really Good Podcasts to Keep You Motivated and Reach Your Goals

At a time when we are all racing against time, you no longer have to “make” time for listening to inspirational podcasts because they make for an immersive and convenient option. So the next time you are stuck in traffic or are out for a run, optimize that time by listening to motivational podcasts. Here is a list of 15 really good podcasts that you must have on your playlist to stay motivated and reach your goals.   Lifehack
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Mott & Bow Makes Denim That Has Everything You Want

[Partner]  With all the different denim options on the market these days, you can demand comfort, premium quality, superior craftsmanship and an affordable price tag out of a single pair. Mott & Bow makes denim that checks all those boxes. Whether you want classic dark denim, a lighter blue or pitch black, there's a pair of Mott & Bow jeans available in a slim, straight or skinny fit. As if that's not enough, Mott & Bow premium denim is also available as part of a home try-on program that makes it easy to find your size.   Mott & Bow
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100 Ways to Live to 100

Making it to 100 years old is meaningless if it means hunkering down and playing it safe—living less to live longer. That’s not what a century on Earth should be about. The kind of lifestyle, diet, and fitness philosophies we’re offering will naturally age-proof you, and will allow you to explore, achieve, and enjoy more of everything—whether you’re 20, 40, or 60.   Men's Journal
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Get Ripped Quick with This Simple and Effective Hiit Workout

Everyone has fifteen minutes to spare, and that’s all it takes to do a HIIT workout. The theory behind HIIT is that short, very intense anaerobic workouts offer different, complementary benefits to lower intensity aerobic workouts like jogging or going for a leisurely bike ride. HIIT is said to improve overall athletic performance, boost metabolism and burn fat.   
Gear Patrol

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Make a Difference in the World Around You

If you ask me, a true gentleman is someone who takes care of others. We're all stressed and overscheduled, but there are small ways to "be the change you want to see in the world." Here are four ways to contribute to causes you care about, help people who are less fortunate than you and generally improve the lives of those you care about.   Valet.
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