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Mike Tyson’s Weed Resort

What do you do when you hear that Mike Tyson is opening a weed resort in the middle of the California desert? You go investigate. What we found was far more surreal than anyone could have imagined.   GQ

Give Dad What He Really Wants This Year With Revtown Jeans and a Polo

[Partner]  It's that time of the year–the time we celebrate dads. Revtown wants to help you celebrate with the perfect gift: a pair of jeans and a polo for $100. Revtown's proprietary denim is durable enough to withstand all the challenges of parenting while also being so stylish you'll always look good in the process. Whether you're picking up a gift for a human dad or a pet dad—treat someone (or yourself) to some damn good denim from Revtown. This is a limited time offer, so get your Revtown Father's Day Crate today!

The Underground Art of Prison Tattoos

Broken spoons, beard trimmer parts and other ingenious, sometimes dangerous, tools used by incarcerated body artists.   The Marshall Project

How to Relax Without Feeling Guilty About Relaxing

I absolutely suck at relaxing. The moment my body hits the couch, my brain reminds me that I need to wash the dishes, water the plants, vacuum the floor, dust the furniture, make the bed, check the laundry and write 10,000 articles lest my life spiral into darkness while I wiggle between the cushions. My brain has, in short, zero chill.   MEL Magazine

11 Travel Destinations Bookworms Need to Go to Before They Die

Books can take you to unimaginable places, but here are the top real-life destinations you can take your love for books to.   Fodors Travel Guide


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