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 M I N D 

Putting on Some Wait

A new year is a good excuse to make a change, so in 2019 I’ve decided to put on some wait. In practice this means choosing the slower option whenever possible.   Signal v. Noise
 P U R S U E 

National Park Candles

[Shop]  Bring the great outdoors indoors with the National Park Candles. Made in small batches in Seattle, Washington, the candles conjure up images of the stunning vistas that fill the parks. Each candle is 100% vegan, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Light one in your home and imagine you’re looking out at Half Dome.   Shop Cool Material
 B O D Y 

Which Type of Fasting is Right for You?

If your first thought as a 2019 weight loss hopeful is "What diet am I going to go on," though? Folks, you’re doing it wrong.   Zero
 M O V E 

You’re Probably Stretching All Wrong and Screwing over Your Future Self

“The bottom line is the science is there to prove the benefits,” Jason Priest, founder of Dad Bod Health tells MEL. “Regardless of how long it increases mobility for afterward, … stretching actually increases blood flow to the muscles and can reduce the risk of injury significantly, especially before and after exercise. Flexibility is extremely important in overall health and well-being and can be a huge asset in your workout routine.”   MEL Magazine
 G R E A T   R E A D 

An Ode to Chicken Wings, the True Super Bowl MVP

The chicken wing is the most versatile snack of the tailgate lineup. They can be deep-fried, oven-roasted, grilled, or even slow cooked. And the sauce options are limitless: barbecue and buffalo and teriyaki and garlic parmesan. The chicken wing is the canvas; you are Bob Ross. Paint yourself the happy wing that speaks most closely to your heart.   Esquire
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