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A Woman Who Studied 600 Millionaires Found How Rich You Can Get Boils down to 6 'Wealth Factors'

Anyone can become rich if they know the right steps to take. But if you possess a certain set of characteristics, you may be more likely to become wealthy, according to Sarah Stanley Fallaw, director of research for the Affluent Market Institute.   Business Insider

Start Fresh With Your Brushing Routine

[Partner]  The key to a healthy mouth isn’t a toothbrush with extra bells and bristles. It’s quip, a simpler electric brush (from $25) that guides good habits with timed sonic vibrations, an on-the-go travel cover, and $5 brush heads delivered every 3 months.   quip

The 10 Best Mail-Order Meat Companies in America

Truth is, online-facing meat purveyors do have a place. Where does the intrepid cook whose town doesn’t have a proper butcher get their hands on heritage chickens? Or aged Osso Buco? Or internationally-renowned country ham and bacon? Or just a steady stream of meat to put on the table that’s better than whatever is available to them? The answer is nowhere without these companies.   Gear Patrol

The 9 Best Beercation Destinations to Escape Your Winter Blues

As winter temperatures plummet across the Northern Hemisphere, there’s no time like the present to plan a far-flung winter getaway to someplace warm — as long as it has excellent beer.   VinePair

Live Longer: The Secrets of Longevity Revealed by World’s Oldest Communities

Well, it turns out that in these places, folks possess some kind of secret to good health and long life. There are no guarantees of course, but residents of these five spots can definitely teach us something about keeping mind and body together longer.   Man of Many


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