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Demon Underneath John Delorean and the Invention of the Future

Long before Elon Musk, a visionary automaker showed how ugly the American Dream could be.   The Outline

This Texturizing Hair Putty Will Give You the Hair You Always Wanted

[Partner]  For the hair texture you wish you woke up with, there’s the GQ-named “best hair putty” from Port Products. The medium to firm hold Texturizing Hair Putty gives even the finest hair loads of volume and lift. It stays pliable throughout the day which means that you (or someone special) can still run fingers through your strands. The wax-like formula gives hair a semi-matte, natural finish so your hair looks healthy even on day two. Every day should be a great hair day. Use code GREATHAIR10 for $10 off to try it for yourself.   Port Products

Why Small Habits Make a Big Difference

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones explores an interesting subject, on the compounding nature of the long game. While everyone is looking for big gains—the proverbial get rich quick scheme—there is a space that’s not getting much attention.   Farnam Street

The Next Great Chess Boom is Here

The unpredictable champion Magnus Carlsen and a YouTube-trained, Twitch-streaming generation of young fans has revived one of our oldest games. Is the next great chess boom here?   The Ringer

The Most Instagrammable Destinations for 2019

As the year comes to a close, travel editors recap and look forward to the year ahead. The editors at Departures have already gathered the destinations that should be on your 2019 travel bucket list; from Detroit to Bangkok these destinations were chosen for their booming food scenes, luxury hotel openings, and cultural events.   Fast Company


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