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Never Mind the Millionaires. Here’s Advice from Billionaires.

When successful, intelligent, accomplished people tell their life story, you listen very carefully. When did their philosophy develop? Who were their mentors? What mistakes did they make and what did they learn from them? The people listed above each took a different route to success. But they were happy to pass on their experiences and wisdom. And they also had some traits in common.   Bloomberg

California Cowboy's High Sierra Shirt Is Built for Après Ski

Advertisement[Partner]  If you're anything like us, Après Ski is just as rewarding as a day on the slopes. Why has no one designed an Après Ski shirt? We have no idea, but California Cowboy is here to help with the High Sierra shirt. Hand sewn in California with luxury flannels and a proprietary cotton modal thermal lining, this rugged and ready shirt is as comfortable as it is warm. They even added glove and sunglass loops, a reinforced bottle pocket, a bottle opener and a dry tech pocket to make sure nothing important gets left behind.    California Cowboy

An Unofficial Ranking of ‘Rocky’ Franchise Wisdom Bombs

In expectation of Creed II, I gathered up some of the more memorable wisdom bombs and ranked them from the wisdom you should absolutely follow, to the wisdom that can feel like an actual bomb that sears the skin off to the point of death.   VICE

In Conversation: Alex Trebek

After 35 years as the host of Jeopardy! it’s hard to imagine that the 78-year-old Trebek, who caused fans’ hearts to skip a beat earlier this year when he suggested he might retire in 2020, won’t have a say in who eventually takes his place behind the lectern. It’s even harder to imagine Jeopardy! without him — for us anyway. “It’s a good show,” says Trebek. “It should, and will, go on after I’m done.”   Vulture

The Slightly Darker Meanings Hidden in 10 Iconic Holiday Films

While holiday movies vary wildly in terms of genre, tone and quality, they almost invariably share one trait: a climactic scene that exists solely to elucidate the season’s “true meaning” (family, unity, compassion, etc.). But look past the clichés, and you’ll find there’s usually something a little more interesting hiding in the margins.   InsideHook


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