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4 Ways to Be Happier in 2019

Are you spending time with the right people for your health and happiness? While many of us focus primarily on diet and exercise to achieve better health, science suggests that our well-being also is influenced by the company we keep.   The New York Times
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Brass Boxing Bell

[Shop]  The Brass Boxing Bell produces a loud gong when you pull and release the metal lever. The manually operated match-starter is made of solid brass and connected to a steel base that can mount on a wall or rest on a flat surface. This thing is loud, FYI. We mean, it had to cut through a stadium full of screaming fans, so you best believe it can notify your family when dinner is ready or even serve as an alert in an emergency situation. No matter how you use it or where you put it, the vintage, functional charm of the Brass Boxing Bell makes it the focal point of whatever space it’s in. If you want to lace up the gloves, that’s up to you.   Shop Cool Material
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The Eating Habits Of The Best Athletes In The World

We all want to know the secrets of the most successful people in the world. For this article, I focus on the eating habits of elite athletes. Food affects our performance — whether in sports or business — arguably more than any other lifestyle factor.   Food - Medium
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New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: The Lazy Person's Guide to Getting Fit in 2019

There is no magic pill or special exercise that will fizzle away fat in a day, no matter what anyone says. But fat loss and fitness gains absolutely can be achieved when people are ready to do what it takes – effort, consistency and following a well-designed plan.   GQ
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The Most Useful Cookbooks of 2018

There’s simply no way to test a cookbook front-to-back. So my criteria is this: If I can take away one technique, recipe, idea, then the cookbook is deemed useful, and most likely, a place on my bookshelf. I’m not calling these the best cookbooks of 2018. I’m saying of all the cookbooks I dipped in-and-out of the past 12 months, these had ideas I really enjoyed.   
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