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  • In office procedures provide convenience and save patients money
  • You're Invited to our next event on August 15th "Elevating the Art of Women's Health"
  • 4 Heart Health Questions Every Woman Should Ask at Her Next Gyn Visit
  • Zucchini Mini Muffins
Did you know, since 2004, we have performed a series of in-office procedures that save patients both time and money? Whether you require an office hysteroscopy or another treatment, count on us to keep you healthy.

When you require minimally invasive surgery, you deserve to receive the top care possible. Our office focuses on quality services for each of our patients. We have invested in Endosee, a game-changing device that lets OB/GYNs directly visualize the uterine cavity at the point-of-care to get a diagnosis quicker. The all-in-one, handheld, portable, cordless system allows you to complete a diagnostic hysteroscopy in an average of three minutes. The Endosee procedure is well-tolerated, similar to an endometrial biopsy, and anesthesia is usually not needed.
Is a gynecologic condition affecting your health and quality of life? 

Join us for complimentary appetizers and listen to speak about how daVinci Surgery and MonaLisa Touch are Elevating the Art of Women's Health.  

Join us for a women's wellness event on Wed. August 15th at 6pm at St. Luke's! We have 2 featured speakers Dr. Nancy Arquette, Board-Certified OB/GYN -Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Andrew Croak, Board-Certified Urogynecology-Mayo Clinic and complimentary appetizers and refreshments.

Topics Include:

daVinci Surgery - Dr. Nancy Arquette presents the daVinci System, a better way to improve conditions that can impact your well-being and daily life such as: Severe pelvic pain, Abnormal or very heavy bleeding, Fibroids, Cancer,and Pelvic prolapse. This remarkable System has brought minimally invasive surgery to more than 3 million patients worldwide, find out what it can do for you. 

MonaLisa Touch - Andrew Croak, DO and Urogynecologist at Northwest Ohio Center for Urogynecology & Women's health will discuss MonaLisa Touch, the only FDA cleared and extensively studied laser technology that has an application for symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause.  Find out how you can be free of painful intercourse, dryness, itching and urinary issues for good!  

RSVP online below or Call 419-893-7134.
RSVP Online for Aug 18 event
RSVP Online for Aug 18 event
4 Heart Health Questions Every Woman
Should Ask at Her Next Ob-Gyn Visit

Your next ob-gyn appointment may seem like an odd time to discuss your heart, but it could save your life (especially if you, like many women, see an ob-gyn instead of a primary care physician for your annual exam). In fact, it's so important that the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) just came out with an official advisory that urges all doctors who care for women to talk about heart health starting now. 

It makes sense: Your visit provides a perfect chance to learn your heart numbers, as your ob-gyn can check your blood pressure, order blood work, and more. And women who have had children may have an increased risk of heart issues, since pregnancy is like a stress test for your heart. High maternal blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and premature birth are all associated with heart problems later in life. 

Here's what to talk about at your next office visit.

1. Discuss your stats.

Write down any numbers your ob-gyn provides (blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels). Ask if they're higher than last year's and, if so, what you can do.

2. Update your current doctor.

If you've moved since you had children, chat with your new ob-gyn about your pregnancy history. Sometimes this vital information doesn't get passed along. 

3. Talk about family history.

Your ob-gyn will likely ask you about your family history of issues like breast and ovarian cancer, so be sure to also bring up your family history of heart disease.

4. Ask about a specialist.

If your blood pressure is higher than normal, for example, asking your ob-gyn for a referral to an internist or a cardiologist is a good idea.

Zucchini Mini Muffins

Shredded zucchini provides moisture and texture to these two-bite muffins, while chocolate chips add just the right amount of sweetness. A perfect quick breakfast or after-school snack, these muffins freeze well, so make a batch ahead of time for busy days.

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