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March 11, 2019
Meet “Precious"!
The people God has called to be part of the SAFE staff in Malawi Africa are the treasure of this ministry. You will love getting to know them. So from time to time over the next few months I will be sharing their personal stories in this longer Kernels. Each are precious, but only one is named Precious… so we begin with Precious Ntibula in his own words.

 “I have a wife and three sons. Growing up I wanted to be a pastor but my parents wanted me to be a teacher. I began to teach but in my heart I wanted to go to Bible college and so God open the door for me to do that and study theology. Then I went to Chancellor College in Zomba and became interested in Monitoring and Evaluation studies. After I graduated I went to work in a church and because of funding from the German organization I was able to introduce monitoring & evaluation into the work with HIV AIDS the church was doing.
After six years I was hired by an international organization called Mary’s Meals. It is active in some public schools in Malawi providing meals for children.
One day I saw an advertisement in the paper about SAFE looking for a monitoring and evaluation officer. I saw that this was a Christian organization and I would be free to share Christ and the gospel so I applied for the position.

I became part of their shortlist, but my other job sent me
away and I missed the deadline for answering the follow up personal questions. I see how God wanted me to work with SAFE, because even though I missed the deadline I went ahead and filled out the questions and sent them in. I was then chosen for an interview and ultimately was selected for the position.
I love working with SAFE for several reasons. We work as a family. When I go out into the field I know my colleagues are praying for me. And when I go out to work in any of our many projects I am free to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this is where I belong.

As for my monitoring and evaluation job — I am in the field collecting data on all of our programs. I look to see that they are running according to plan and what is put on paper is really what is happening on the ground. Working with my colleagues we have data to understand if we are progressing and meeting objectives, or if there are things that need to be corrected for future growth and excellence.”
It’s a fact…
“… the body is not made up of one part but of many.” — 1 Corinthians 12:14

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
— Phil Jackson
Malawi News…
A Precious Gift
Precious is traveling to our sponsored villages in the Northern region of Malawi with Cathy Cheonga (Regional Education Coordinator) They are monitoring the teachers they trained in Why Wait? Life Skills curriculum last year and also distributing Bibles. What a precious rare gift for these schools!
Cathy Cheonga giving precious Bibles to one of the teachers!
Precious Children
The Tayamba Village children are resting with their caregivers after eating their porridge. They are in a borrowed church while they wait for their new Community Based Childcare Center (preschool) to be finished.
The foundation for the Tayamba CBCC (preschool) is almost finished!
U.S. News…
A Variety Show with a Precious Purpose
The Burke Gogo Group saw the Burke Community Church staff join them in full force, performing and helping run a variety show to raise awareness and support for the gogos and children in Malawi. From the head pastor playing love songs he plays for his wife, to the executive pastor getting a standing ovation for his hilarious impressions singing in costume — it was a fabulous show that 600 people attended. The MC told people how they could get involved in Gogo Grandmothers by sponsoring a gogo, and he shared how Jesus calls us to care for the poor.
Precious Beginnings
The newly formed Fallbrook Gogo Group is having an informational gathering March 31 to invite friends to join their group at the “Fallbrook Coffee Company”. This is an exciting step of faith for 3 women with a vision! Pray for them!
Sweet Repeats
If you live in Southern CA, don’t miss Mariners Gogo Group’s “Sweet Repeats” April 6, 1-4pm… held in the Upper Room at Mariners Church in Irvine. The fashion show features delightful pre-owned clothing, and beautiful donated accessories will be available! Bring a friend to learn about SAFE and Gogos! For ticket information contact Jean Grey at
Thank you for your prayers and gifts that give hope, and make it possible to have staff like Precious serving with SAFE in Malawi!
Remembering with you… “Now to you who believe, this stone (Jesus) is precious.” —1 Peter 2:7
In His love for the least,
U.S. Coordinator
Gogo Grandmothers, 3460 Marron Road, Suite 103-476, Oceanside, CA 92056-4675
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