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CoBot Welding at CNM's FUSE Makerspace

Build With Robots and CNM Ingenuity are expanding their offering of advanced CoBot solutions and training classes. The partnership’s latest addition is CoBot-based welding at CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace. By adding CoBots to their existing welding equipment and welding classes, CNM Ingenuity will offer workers and businesses access to an easy-to-use and fully-automated robot welding solution.

CoBots are designed to operate in collaboration with workers to augment their productivity and offload tasks categorized by three “Ds“: dangerous, dirty or drudgery. CoBot welding is a perfect example of how this automation technology can augment a welder’s skills and provide a safer work environment. A welder applies metal working knowledge, training and skills to setup the process, and the final step of arc welding is performed by a CoBot. This welder-CoBot collaboration minimizes risks such as heat, metal splatter and blinding light. It is foreseeable that within the near future, all welding will be done by welding experts augmented by CoBots. The CoBot is a tool that makes welding safer, more efficient, and provides an extremely consistent quality of work. Now, New Mexico businesses and workers have an opportunity to learn and apply this leading-edge metal working technology.

NMSU CoBot Photographer Project

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New Mexico State University (NMSU) is working with Albuquerque dentist & entrepreneur Steve Wagner to automate his dental photography using a UR3 CoBot. As part of a Capstone senior design project, NMSU students have developed:
  • Fully integrated automation for the CoBot and camera
  • CAD-like software for mapping the CoBot and camera path in 3 dimensions around a focal point

With this CoBot photographer, Wagner Dental Group is able to quickly setup and take hundreds of photos of their custom dental castings and implants. This is one example of the partnership between NMSU, Build With Robots and New Mexico businesses to bring CoBot technology to new markets and applications. In addition to educating students in the latest technologies, we are helping to develop a CoBot-based technology hub and business ecosystem within New Mexico.

CoBot Bartender takes 3rd place
in UNM's Tech Navigator Challenge

The inaugural Tech Navigator Challenge facilitated by UNM's Innovation Academy concluded on April 27 with pitches to panels of judges. The eight-week contest involved 11 teams who presented commercialization plans for existing technologies from the Air Force Research Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, STC.UNM, and Build With Robots.

The Build With Robots team presented a novel application for a CoBot bartender which tied for 3rd place in the competition. The team, which includes UNM students Kyle Guin, Kyle Laktasic, and Mario Avalos, along with mentor Janeen Vilven-Doggett from Peacock Law P.C., will investigate further commercialization of their CoBot bartender concept including intellectual property protection. Congratulations to the CoBot Bartender Team on their 3rd place finish!

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