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The Resistance Prays

January 2, 2019
By Rev. Benjamin Perry

Today's Top Story
As the government shutdown stretched into its twelfth day, President Trump called for a bipartisan meeting to secure funding for his envisioned border wall, refusing to back down from the $5.6 billion dollars he’s demanded to reopen our government - via USA Today.
King Nebuchadnezzar made a golden statue…[and announced] "you are to fall down and worship the golden statue…Whoever does not fall down and worship shall immediately be thrown into a furnace of blazing fire.” - Daniel 3:1; 5-6
We Will Not Bow Before Trump's Idol
At this point it’s become fairly clear that building the wall isn’t just about constructing a barricade. And desire for border security is clearly not the driving force behind the wall’s advocates. (If it were, they would listen to the many, many experts who have weighed in about how ineffective such a wall would be). Instead, the wall has assumed a mythic significance in conservative circles that extends far beyond any effects of its construction.
The wall has become a middle finger directed towards Mexico, and to immigrants in our country, a legislative means of saying “Screw you, you don’t belong here. This country belongs to us.” This ethos has always formed a through line in Trump’s governance, extending all the way from the campaign announcement when he called migrants rapists and drug dealers. To build a wall is to erect a monument to this xenophobic worldview, to enshrine its hatred using public dollars.
This is why Trump so steadfastly refuses to compromise on the matter: As allies continue to desert him, he knows that his only strength lies with the people who saw the racism of his campaign as a feature, not a bug. And it’s why Democrats absolutely cannot compromise. Rejecting God’s call for love and welcome, President Trump is trying to build an idol to his own hatred and bigotry and force our nation to kneel before it. It’s time for our country to say, with one voice: “We will not use our tax dollars to harm our neighbors.”
Contact your congressional representatives and tell them to stand strong against Trump’s thuggery and to reject any budget that contains funding for a wall. And, if you haven’t already, please sign this petition against using U.S. tax dollars to hurt migrants.
God, you call us to open our arms and doors to any who travel seeking shelter and safety. You demand we love our neighbors as ourselves. Strengthen the courage of this conviction as worldly evil attempts to lure our hearts toward hatred, and our minds toward fear. Remind us that Christmas is not just something we are meant to celebrate in December, but the promise of your eternal birth amongst poor people, outcasts, and refugees. Open the eyes of those who cannot see your Son walking among us in bodies before whom they wish to build a wall. Move our hands towards love. Amen.
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