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The Resistance Prays

November 26, 2018
By Rev. Shelley Donaldson

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Unless you’re living under a soundproof rock, you’ve seen the photos and videos of refugees as Customs and Border Patrol respond to the cries of the least of these with cans of tear gas to push them away from the U.S. border. Here's the latest from the New York Times.

This caravan of those seeking refuge from daily violence in their home countries looks incredibly similar to the Hebrews fleeing Egypt. The reaction from our administration is another sign that, while we claim to be a nation of faithful Christians, our actions have strayed far from the teachings of our faith.
Don’t oppress an immigrant. You know what it’s like to be an immigrant, because you were immigrants in the land of Egypt. - Exodus 23:9
DO We Remember What It's Like to Be Immigrants?
We all know the story of the exodus from Egypt after Moses did the whole “let my people go” bit. But the reality is that many of us (the white, cis-gendered, and/or privileged) in the United States don’t know what it’s like to seek refuge from our homeland or to reestablish our lives on foreign soil. We know only the stories that we have been told about our ancestors and how they made their way to and in this country. So how do we respond when we haven’t walked in their shoes?
The refugees standing at our door come lacking all forms of power. We, as citizens of the United States, have the power either to welcome them or to deny them access to the abundant resources that God commands us to share. And so share we must. Because until we know what it’s like to seek safety among strangers, then we must listen to the voices of those who come to our doorstep. We must welcome them with open arms and love, not cans filled with tear gas.
While it might feel as though we are powerless to help, we aren’t.

First, call your elected representatives. Demand that they speak up about the injustices being done to these people.

Second, consider making a trip down to the border. See with your own eyes. And if you can’t, support someone who is going. The Sanctuary Caravan is livestreaming updates from the border TODAY.

Third, look locally. There are those living in a foreign land all around us. Find the local groups who are supporting these people and hear their stories.
God of refugees and resettlement, open our hearts, and open the hearts of our leaders. Move us to action when we feel powerless or disconnected from events happening outside of our local communities. Help those who throw cans of gas to see the actions for what they are, not as the actions of people of faith, but as the actions of oppressors. Amen.
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