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July 29, 2020

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Gathered to protest the continued rollback on the DACA Program, even after court rulings.
Photo credit: Sandy Huffaker/ AFP via Getty Images
Trump Administration Refuses To Accept New DACA Applicants Despite Court Rulings - via NPR.

The Trump administration on Tuesday continued its push to roll back DACA — the program that protects young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children — by refusing to accept new applicants.

Despite a ruling from a court in Maryland telling the administration to start accepting new DACA applicants, the White House is refusing to do so, saying it will reject new applicants while launching a "comprehensive review" of DACA and whether to go forward with a new plan to end the program.

“Honor your parents, so that you may have a long life in the land that YHWH has given to you!” - Exodus 20:12, Inclusive Bible, adapted

I did something today I never imagined I would willingly do: I read the 2016 GOP platform, which has been rolled over as the official platform for this year as well. Apparently with no intentional sense of irony, it declares “We are the party of independent individuals and the institutions they create together — families, schools, congregations, neighborhoods — to advance their ideals and make real their dreams. Foremost among those institutions is the American family. It is the foundation of civil society.”

Certainly I agree that our families - of birth and of choice - are special and important and help us “make real our dreams.” That choice of words - about making real our dreams - strikes me as particularly ironic, given the Trump administration’s repeated, sustained attacks on immigrant families, often gleefully cheered on by his “family values” supporters. After all, who knows better about the ways in which our families help us manifest our dreams than recipients of DACA, who are often referred to simply as “Dreamers”? For many of these Dreamers, their very presence in this country is a testament to their parents’ insistence upon making real their dreams, despite the xenophobic, racist obstacles our country has put in their way.

Make no mistake: attacking DACA is attacking families. God has gifted the world with a beautiful rainbow of families, each one worthy of respect and honor: immigrant families with members on different sides of a border their ancestors never consented to, queer families of choice, families affected by incarceration and police violence, families navigating life together in a society that refuses to see them.

If Trump and his supporters had any intention of actually honoring and protecting families, they could start by defending DACA. But we all know that, in Trump-speak, “family values” is just another way of covering the oppressive violence upon which his political power rests.

United We Dream is the nation’s largest immigrant youth-led network working for justice for all immigrants. In response to the administration’s latest attack on DACA, they are calling on the Senate to defund ICE and pass permanent solutions that won’t hurt immigrant communities. Send a letter to your senator now. 

Show me the suffering of the most miserable;

So I will know my people’s plight.

Free me to pray for others;

For you are present in every person.

Help me to take responsibility for my own life;

So that I can be free at last.

Grant me courage to serve others;

For in service there is true life.

Give me honesty and patience;

So that I can work with other workers.

Bring forth song and celebration;

So that the spirit will be alive among us.

Let the spirit flourish and grow;

So we will never tire of the struggle.

Let us remember those who have died for justice;

For they have given us life.

Help us love even those who hate us;

So we can change the world.

Cesar Chavez, Prayer for the Farmworkers’ Struggle

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