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November 20, 2019

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Gordon Sondland testifies
Today, Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified to Congress that “he worked with Giuliani to pressure Ukraine ‘at the express direction of the president’” - via The New York Times
God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. - Ecclesiastes 12:14
Ambassador Sondland’s testimony lays things out plainly. He stated, explicitly and without equivocation, that he and Rudy Giuliani presented a clear quid pro quo to the Ukranian government: Announce investigations into the Bidens in exchange for the release of military aid. And he testified that he was directed to pursue this unlawful extortion by the President himself. What else is there to say?

Today’s testimony confirms what has long been readily apparent: The President has willfully abused the powers of his office for personal gain - leveraging the power of US foreign policy to aid his reelection efforts. This is the smoking gun. Trump’s crimes are laid bare for all to see. The only question is whether Republicans in Congress will continue to aid and abet his lawbreaking or hold him accountable.

God is clear: A nation that ignores the wickedness of its rulers will not prosper. Indeed, it is damned. Speaking through public servants, God has exposed the corruption infecting our democracy. The rest is up to us: Will we obey God and cast this tyrant from his throne, or will we allow our nation to spiral further into sin?
If there was ever a day to call your congressional representatives, particularly if you live in a Republican district, today is that day. Reach out, tell them that you heard Ambassador Sondland’s testimony and demand they punish the President for the crimes he committed.
Lord, thank you for moving the hearts and lips of government officials to publicly speak the truth. For too long, we have been beset by wickedness and evil, and we yearn to see your justice. Convict hearts in Congress. Remind them that they are morally beholden to the people of the United States, not to the criminal who sits in the Oval Office. Convince them to stand up for what is right. And work through the minds, hearts and mouths of the American people to spur reticent and complicit representatives to act. Amen.
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