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May 8, 2019

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Trump rages against any form of Congressional oversight.
This morning, Sarah Huckabee Sanders released a statement that the President will invoke executive privilege to prevent Congress from seeing the redacted portions of the Mueller Report. - via the New York Times.
“King, you live in your palace, cozy in your rooms of cedar. But when your punishment comes, how you will groan.” – Jeremiah 22:23
As investigations into presidential corruption and obstruction of justice continue apace, President Trump has abandoned all pretense of transparency, choosing instead to act as if he and his administration were above the law. He has instructed administration officials not to comply with congressional subpoenas, has ordered the treasury department not to release the tax returns Congress has asked for, and now is exerting executive privilege to keep significant portions of the Mueller report from seeing the light of day. These are not the actions of someone who views Congress as a co-equal branch of government, but the howls of a would-be monarch who would get rid of constitutional checks and balances if he could.

The great irony is that these are precisely the kinds of autocratic power abuses of which Republicans long accused President Obama. Yet nothing he did in eight years of office even came close to displaying this level of contempt for Congressional oversight. Our country now faces a choice: Will we allow President Trump to act as if he were a king, or will we fight to preserve our democracy?

The Bible is filled with condemnations of tyrannical rule, reminders that God holds particular ire for those who abuse their power. And this is particularly true for rulers who use the auspices of their office to conceal their own corruption. God promises to depose them, so no one need suffer kings who are not worthy of their thrones. This promise holds true today: If President Trump can no longer respect the our nation’s laws, he must be removed from his office.
The President’s acts are, in part, an attempt to intimidate and threaten Congress. Now, more than ever, it is paramount that our representatives continue their investigations. If your representative is a Democrat, call and thank them for attempting to preserve the rule of law. If your representative is a Republican, call and ask why preserving Congress’ independence means so little to them.
God, you created each of us to be equal to one another, and you decree that no person should use their power to infringe on another person’s rights. You express ire for rulers who exploit their office to enrich themselves and oppress their people. How long, O Lord, must we suffer this modern Jehoiakim? Work through each of us, God, to remove this despot as swiftly as possible from his ill-gotten throne. Amen.
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