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The Resistance Prays

January 8, 2019
By Kathryn Berg

Tonight at 9:00 PM EST (the same time as Trump’s speech), The Resistance Prays will hold a virtual prayer meeting for immigrant justice, together with Christian leaders who have recently visited the border. Click on this box to learn more and join in.
Today's Top Story
From the Washington Post and the New York Times: As Trump’s shutdown enters its third week, amidst threats to invoke an emergency order, Trump will take his case for a border wall to the public in an Oval Office address tonight, the first in his presidency.
“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.” - Ephesians 5:6
It Is Essential That We Continue to Speak Truth to Power
As havoc and heartache caused by the shutdown continue to spread, Trump is launching an offensive to persuade the public that ending the shutdown depends on addressing a “humanitarian and security crisis” on the southern border. To that end, he plans a trip to the border on Thursday and will make his prime-time address tonight.

Meanwhile, Trump has been threatening to declare a national emergency and build the wall without congressional approval, using military funds he would divert from other projects. This is a move certain to be challenged on constitutional grounds. Most likely his address will attempt to lay the groundwork for that possibility.

Throughout the immigration debate, Trump and his aides have continually lied to stoke public fear and bolster support for his unpopular wall. Tonight will probably be no different. Most experts agree that, although there is a crisis at the border, it is a humanitarian crisis, not not a a security crisis - a humanitarian crisis of Trump’s own making. Invoking a national emergency to support the president’s political policies comes from an authoritarian playbook and sets a deceitful and dangerous precedent.

In this climate, it is essential that we continue to speak truth to power. We need to do all we can to support media who fact-check the president and to encourage our friends and family to not be deceived or succumb to Trumped-up fear.
Join us tonight for our virtual prayer meeting to pray for immigrant justice.
God of light, give the public the clarity to see through subterfuge and to separate fact from fiction. Give journalists continued strength and resources to shine a light on deceit. Bless all those who are suffering in this crisis. Convict our leaders with the error of their ways and the courage to work for justice for immigrants. Amen.
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