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Dear readers, 

If I were to dedicate the Resistance Prays to someone specific, it'd be my grandmother Frances Graves. She lived with my family when I was growing up and I used to help her with her own prayer letters. I stuffed photocopies of her handwritten letters into envelopes that she would mail to women across Mexico. She was constantly in church, but one of those rare churchgoers who actually resembled Jesus. It's an honor to carry on her tradition of writing prayer letters. 

I've always admired how seriously she took Jesus' call for social justice. She volunteered with Casa Juan Diego -- a Catholic Worker ministry in Houston that supported immigrants and refugees. She went to Nicaragua with Witness for Peace in the 80s to provide protective accompaniment to communities at risk and to document the effects of the U.S.-supported war there. And we marched together to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Her faith-rooted activism for the common good set a profound example for me.  

Who inspired your sacred resistance? A family member? A pastor? A friend at church? 

Now that our hearts have been focused on this work of peace and justice, it's our responsibility to help bring others into the movement. One way we can do that is supporting the Resistance Prays financially. I donate myself every month, but this month's donation is special. I'm making my donation in honor of my grandmother. I hope you will join me and make a donation in honor or memory of a Sacred Resister who helped nurture your faith and activism. 

Our entire team of 60+ co-creators does this work because our hearts have been transformed. We're all volunteers. I'm sure each of us has a story like mine. Every dollar we're raising goes to reach more people to equip them for sacred resistance. 

Click here to donate today.

In solidarity,
Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
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