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The Resistance Prays

November 28, 2018
By Rev. Holly Clark-Porter

Today's Top Story
Even Ammon Bundy breaks with Trump on his anti-migrant rhetoric: ‘It’s all fear-based’ - via the Washington Post.
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. - 1 John 4:18
Don't Give In to Fear of "Them," Whoever "Them" May Be
Ammon Bundy. Wow, I had to read this article three times to let it all soak in. I’m not going to suddenly condone the actions of the Bundy family, but it just goes to show that humanity, that humans are complicated and are capable of thinking outside party lines. Yes, some people think Bundy is taking this line in order to hire cheap labor (and perhaps that is something to ponder) but to me, his words about fear strike a chord.
  1. Over and over scripture warns us about fear. Fear tempts us to dismiss and shut out others. Fear causes us to focus on ourselves instead of others or God.
  2. I don’t for one second think President Trump is fearful of these folks. I believe he is obsessed with the power this hard line on migrants gives him. While he might not be afraid of our siblings in the caravan, he is stirring fear and not love in his supporters.
  3. Even Ammon Bundy sees that President Trump is abusing his influence in order to elicit fear.
  4. Hopefully this very right-wing figure can help open blinded eyes to see that they are being manipulated into fearing when love should be leading us instead. And perhaps we too can be a part of lifting blinded eyes to the complicated truth - in the migrants, and in those with whom we disagree.
How is love leading you? We (me too, y’all!) have our own places where fear leads us. I don’t have a link nor a not-for-profit to share with you today. But I do want to implore you not to give in to fear or manipulation.
  1. When you read like-minded rhetoric, check for manipulation. What strings are being pulled? What facts are being presented? After your research, what is your honest opinion, even if it strays from the party line?
  2. What does love casting out fear mean to you? As we gear up for Advent, where does love belong and where should fear be rejected in your life?
Maker of us and them: Call us together to see one another not as criminals or cheap labor or idiots or snowflakes, but as children capable of love. I plead with you to open our eyes to the ways we give in to fear when we should let love cast it out. Be with us as we learn, as we stumble, as we find our voice. With the hope of love - Amen.
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