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The Resistance Prays

October 18, 2018
By Rev. Kaci Clark-Porter

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Today's Top Story
The White House has removed the acting chief of a small foreign aid office less than two months after he was put in place to quell controversy over the Trump administration’s use of the agency as a source of jobs for political supporters, according to interviews and an internal email obtained by the Washington Post.
I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought. - 1 Corinthians 1:10
Unity Is Up for Sale
Well, Brother Paul, help us out: we are certainly not in pleasant times, because there are so, so many divisions amongst us.

Last week, my church accidentally received a postcard from Melania Trump asking for a pledge of support for her husband. It reads in part, "Dear President Trump: Please know that I am 100% behind you in these critical times. It’s extremely vital that we all stand together against the Democrats, the mainstream media and other powerful foes who are determined to derail your Presidency and destroy you personally." (See this link for a digital copy of the card.)

In other words, it's a pledge not only in favor of Trump, but also against Democrats and the media. If this piece of mail had ended up in another mailbox, I would never have known it had been sent out. But now that I hold it, I cannot ignore this feeling of being hated by the man that leads my own country.

Of course, that's not a new feeling, but it's increased by the thought that there wasn’t a catch-all card sent out to every American simply asking for support. No, it was already the insiders who were invited further in. Even worse, it is especially powerful knowing that those insiders - my friends, family, strangers I pass on the street - have signed this us vs. them document.

This claims to be a call for unity, but it's a call for our undoing. Unity is up for sale, and influence has bought it.

Articles like the one above are just a few of the outcomes of a presidency that seeks, insists on, and lets fester division. By providing jobs for his insiders, President Trump doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he is doing outright favors for his deep-pocketed  donors. Only when President Trump is caught in the act does he do the forced right thing and at least pretend to look to the whole instead of the part.

Uniting under hope, freedom, and a belief in the work of the red, white, and blue? No, this presidency unites under one thing: the power of division. May we be the ones who reach out a hand and offer unbiased, undivisive support for one another.
Are you in a position of power? Are you on a hiring committee or a similar structure of power? How have you used your power?

No matter what your “powers” are, take note of how you allow unity to be up for sale. Take note of the times you give voice to the insider over the outsider. Ask yourself these questions and notice how we in our own lives put unity up for sale. Trump might not ever learn, but that’s what we’re doing best as we resist and find ourselves more and more powerful because of the unity we stand for, not the division.
Holy One, Holy Three, you work in perfect unity as a symbol of intersection where there is a communion of goals. That goal is love. May we too find where our hearts meet and our paths strengthen one another instead of tearing down. Help us to continue to speak out even when we feel we are the hated, the outsider. We give you thanks for the opportunity to come together in our words, our prayers, and in our call to be hopeful in a hateful time. Amen.
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