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September 6, 2020

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Trump's lies about mail-in voting don't rule out all delays and uncertainties about the process.
"Some Democrats warn Trump may use 'red mirage' to prematurely declare victory while absentee ballots are being counted" - via USA TODAY. "Polling shows Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a decisive mail-voting advantage: The former vice president's supporters are twice as likely to vote by mail than those of President Donald Trump. Democrats worry that misleading signals could emerge on election night if Trump builds an initial lead with in-person votes even as he lags Biden on mail ballots, which take longer to count."
Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. - Romans 12:12
Rejoice in Hope: The presidential election coming in just 60 days is a cause for me to rejoice in hope. It's not going to be an easy 60 days by any means. The attacks from the Trump administration will undoubtedly grow, as will the attacks on our democratic norms. The legitimacy of the election will continue to be called into question. But I'm genuinely glad that the American people will have the opportunity to head to the ballot box and set the direction of our nation. Our democracy reflects the inherent dignity of every person, and it is worth defending.
Be Patient in Suffering: Many Americans are scared about what will happen if the Trump campaign declares victory prematurely or doesn't accept the election results. We must be patient to count every vote. Election day and the days following have the potential to be incredibly trying for our nation. My hope for each of us is that we are patient and remain committed to our democratic processes. 
Persevere in Prayer: In these final days leading up to the election, our team of writers and editors at The Resistance Prays will remain committed to bringing you truthful information. We will root our sacred resistance in prayer and Scripture as we have throughout the Trump Administration. I hope this resource will ground your activism and help our community avoid despair. 
There are also concrete actions that your faith community can take during this trying season for our democracy. This resource from the Democracy Fund has five nonpartisan actions religious communities can take to support our democracy:
  1. Promote Working at the Polls this November
  2. Be a source of truthful information
  3. Feed the hungry – people waiting in long lines to vote
  4. Offer space as an early voting or Election Day polling location
  5. Model ways to overcome divisions in a polarized country
Commit to taking one of these steps to support our democracy.
Holy One, we rejoice in the hope that our country will turn from evil and embrace the human dignity of all people. Give us the patience to persevere in this time of turmoil and suffering for our nation, and grant our hearts a constant posture of prayer as we work for the common good. Amen.
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