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July 30, 2020

Has this devotional grounded your resistance to Trump in Scripture and empowered you to act for the common good? If the answer is "yes," then please help us reach more progressive Christians. Become a Patron today.
Who had this Trump tweet on their lousy-things-of-2020 bingo card?
Trump suggests a delay of the 2020 U.S. presidential election - from the BBC. "Donald Trump has suggested November's presidential election be postponed, saying increased postal voting could lead to fraud and inaccurate results. He floated a delay until people could 'properly, securely and safely' vote. There is little evidence to support Mr Trump's claims, but he has long railed against mail-in voting, which he has said would be susceptible to fraud."
A ruler who lacks understanding is a cruel oppressor; but one who hates unjust gain will enjoy a long life. - Proverbs 28:16
As the current occupant of the White House continues his fascist antics, suggesting that November’s federal elections be postponed, we must be diligent in recognizing the strategem at play.

Trump wanted his Twitter tantrum to be front and center today to draw attention from John Lewis’s funeral. He literally wants to take the media cycle away from a deceased civil rights hero. He also clearly wants to overshadow the delivery of the Gross Domestic Product report this week. The GDP is a snapshot of the value of goods and services produced and the growth rate is one (of many) indicators of economic health. You can check out the current state of the GDP here.
This much is true: do not look away. Do not be fooled by a cruel oppressor. Do not be duped by the shrewd strategies of the Empire.
Contact your Senators and Representative. Let them know that you support free and safe elections, as called for in our Constitution.
The freedom we find in you, Holy One,
binds us with responsibilities to love our neighbor,
seek justice, and labor for the common good.
Help us with your grace. So be it.
Chett Pritchett (he/they) is a former United Methodist. Living in Appalachia of Ohio, Chett finds resilience in changing narratives about rural communities and has taken up the spiritual discipline of hammocking.
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