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Our September Book Club selection is "Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity" by The Resistance Prays founder Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons. 

I wrote this book for you. I starting writing Just Faith around the same time I started The Resistance Prays in 2017. The goals for both projects were also the same. My mission is to empower progressive Christians to effectively advocate for our vision of social, racial, and economic justice. I hope this newsletter has been a resource for you to resist Trumpism as an expression of your faith. 

Just Faith reminds progressive Christians how generations have gone before us to carry out this work. I'm inspired to follow Jesus by loving my neighbor every time I see an example of someone else who has done the same. I also address some of the roadblocks progressive Christians face in explicitly talking about our faith and how it inspires our activism. 

My prayer is that this book is the beginning of a conversation. One of the most inspiring aspects of The Resistance Prays for me has been meeting so many people. We've had close to 100 people write editions of our daily devotionals and more people come forward regularly. Some of the writers and editors have been friends from seminary and church, but the majority are people I've never met before in-person. I hope you will use Just Faith as a resource to start conversations in your own community and meet new progressive Christians in your area.

Each of us has a role to play in reclaiming our faith from the conservative Christians who dominate our public consciousness of what it means to be a Christian. Together, we can change the tectonic plates of religion and politics in our country. I'm hopeful that in my lifetime there will be broad public understanding that progressive Christians exist and this public knowledge will transform our entire political system. 

Let's start tonight! 

You're invited to join me for a Zoom Q&A tonight at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific time. Please bring your questions about progressive Christianity, activism, and politics. 

RSVP for tonight's Q&A with Guthrie
God, give us hearts for the most vulnerable,
strength to act for the common good,
peace that comes with justice,
freedom for the oppressed,
and courage for the days ahead. 

Trusting in your word,
in solidarity with people of all faiths,
hopeful for a better future,
respecting the dignity and worth of all,
caring for creation,
may we do our part to bring about
the world you desire for humanity. Amen.
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