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May 19, 2020

Has this devotional grounded your resistance to Trump in Scripture and empowered you to act for the common good? If the answer is "yes," then please help us reach more progressive Christians. Become a Patron today.
Trump announces he will be taking anti-malaria drugs to ward of the novel coronavirus in a press briefing yesterday. – photo from the BBC
Yesterday, Trump announced that he was going against the safety concerns cited by public health officials and scientific evidence and taking the drug hydroxychloroquine – the drug that he unfoundedly touts as effective in preventing the novel coronavirus.  – via The Washington Post.
"They are a nation void of sense; there is no understanding in them. If they were wide, they would understand this; they would discern what the end would be.

Indeed, their rock is not like our Rock; our enemies are fools. Their vine comes from the vine stock of Sodom, from the vineyards of Gomorrah; their grapes are grapes of poison, their clusters are bitter; their wine is the poison of serpents, the cruel venom of asps."

- Deuteronomy 32: 28-29, 31-33
Instead of following those who have been tasked with keeping the public healthy and safe, Trump has decided to go out on his own and take a drug that seems to have no bearing on the novel coronavirus. He is leading his followers down another dangerous path. And no one seems to know just why he is touting this drug as a miracle cure. While it was recently noted that he has a small stake in the French company, Sanofi, that manufactures the name brand of the drug, it is simply part of a small piece through a mutual fund and not enough to see much of a financial benefit.

Maybe the writer of Deuteronomy has the response: there is no understanding in Trump or his followers. It’s not about reason, it’s about control and power of a national narrative that Trump is gambling on. And one collateral damage to his wager is the lives and safety of his followers. Another collateral is the lives of those who actually do need the drug, mainly those in countries such as Africa, where the drug is used as an anti-malaria treatment. 

Trump’s rock is not our Rock. His beliefs do not come from a place of justice or loving his neighbors, they come from a place of selfishness and greed, of lust for power and money at the cost of human lives. 
Write your elected officials and let them know that Trump’s actions are not supported. If you don’t know who they are, check out Common Cause to find out, how they serve, political contributions they have accepted, and more. Once you know who they are, you can contact them through Now is not the time to remain silent.
God, you are our Rock and the truth that we work to live by each day. Give us the courage and the sense to work against injustice when our leaders only work towards personal gain. Open the world’s eyes to see the immense danger that our leaders and their followers continue to put our neighbors in. Lift up the voices of those who work towards wholeness and healing of your people so they might drown out the noise of anyone who does not promote justice and love towards their neighbors. Amen. 
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