Dear Resistance Prays subscribers,

I'm proud to finish our first full year of the Resistance Prays in a very strong position. When I created this newsletter in July 2017, I had no idea what it would become today. I'm incredibly grateful to create this newsletter with an all-volunteer team who are deeply committed to defeating Trumpism spiritually and politically. Four highlights from 2018:
  • We built a team of rotating writers and editors who co-create the Resistance Prays every day, including holidays and weekends
  • We launched our Patron program to begin fundraising so we can reach more people
  • We reached over 200,000 people on Facebook and increased our page followers from 1,600 to 4,200. 
  • Rev. Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft, on behalf of the Resistance Prays, delivered the opening prayer at the Democratic National Committee's first Interfaith Council meeting.
So here's my question for you as we head into 2019: what can you offer?

Can you offer your time? The easiest way to help is to send a personal note to five friends at your church encouraging them to subscribe to the Resistance Prays ( I'm also happy to discuss ways you could help promote the Resistance Prays at your church, denominational meetings, or protests in 2019. Just reply to this email and we can set up a time to talk about moving from a passive subscriber to active volunteer.

Can you offer your talent? One subscriber offered to build us our website and another has offered graphic design support. One subscriber helps post articles to our Facebook page. Do you have expertise in marketing, video production, social media, online organizing, fundraising, public policy, or other areas that you'd like to offer? Thankfully, we're good on writers and editors (for now), but welcome any and all talented supporters to help. Just reply to this email and let me know! 

Can you offer your treasure? 27 people have come forward this year to make monthly contributions. You can join them by clicking here. Every dollar goes directly to helping us reach more progressive people of faith with our timely prayer newsletters.

This newsletter is co-created by an all-volunteer team. Some write. Some edit. Some give money. And some pitch in where they have other talents. Together, we're creating something truly unique. I started this newsletter because I saw so many people resisting Trumpism because of their faith, but no resources to equip people politically AND spiritually.

I've dedicated countless hours to this effort because so many people have not just encouraged me but stepped up to offer their own time, talent, and treasure. I hope you will too.

If you thought 2018 was chaotic, I believe 2019 will be even more so. The Mueller report is coming and Trump is not going to like being checked by Speaker Pelosi. I'm committed to improving this newsletter and reaching more people.

Have questions, ideas, or feedback on the newsletter? Don't hesitate to hit the "reply" button so we can start a one-on-one conversation. Better yet, give me your number and I'll give you a ring.

Onward together,
Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons 
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