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The Resistance Prays

October 29, 2018
By Katie Adams

Today's Top Story
From the Washington Post: “President Trump is preparing to announce a sweeping border crackdown in a speech Tuesday, a week before the midterm elections, in which he is expected to invoke emergency powers to stop migrants from entering the United States and depict them as a grave national security threat, administration officials said Friday.”
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. - 1 John 4:18 (NIV)
Dividing and Distracting
Stoking fear, plain and simple. The President isn’t concerned about national security -  there’s no reason to be. He is crassly exploiting human suffering for political gain by driving up the heated and already inflamed rhetoric not only to score political points but also to advance a hateful and xenophobic agenda. 

It is crucial to remember, amidst all the rhetoric, there are real families and real lives at stake here. The last thing these families represent is a crisis the United States. Rather they represent an opportunity for the United States to live up to its highest ideals, by welcoming them and treating them with dignity and compassion. It is a human, and legal, right to seek asylum - the United States cannot reject those who come here for protection. Using the vulnerability of these families to feed the flames of xenophobia and fear is reprehensible.  

Closing the door on asylum-seekers is both illegal and immoral. Further inflaming an already dangerous situation is inexcusable and disgraceful. As we saw this week from his reactions to domestic terrorism, the president has no desire to soothe the angry rhetoric or provide healing words. There is a clear correlation between the hate crimes in Pittsburg and Louisville and the president’s divisive rhetoric and misinformation.

The speech on Tuesday must be canceled.  For once let compassion and common sense rule the day.
Don’t participate in the hate-speech cycle - engage in fierce love, compassionate speech, and deeply empathetic listening. This means at times speaking up in unexpected places, like these faith leaders who spoke out at Jeff Sessions during a speech.  Host a vigil, write a letter, send a tweet, and hug a friend. Also – vote, vote, vote.
God who holds us together, help us hold on to one another in these times.  Help us to stand strong and speak words of love and life into a world in need of hope. As our hearts break over and over again, let us not turn away from our grief or the pain of others. Rather, let us deepen our commitment to community, to peace, and to the world you envision that offers life for all. Let our words be flavored with grace and our actions with love. Amen.
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