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August 2021
There's a New Drop-off Location on the Northside!
Soil Cycle volunteers Anna, Annie, Director Caitlyn, and Builder Bradley at the instillation of the new Northside drop-off location

On July 9th, Soil Cycle volunteers got the Northside drop-off site, hosted by Jennifer Savage, up and running. This location will serve as a pilot program for future expansion in underserved Missoula neighborhoods! 

Soil Cycle at Sunday Streets
August 8th, 12:00 - 3:00pm

Join Caitlyn Lewis, Executive Director of Soil Cycle for a hands-on composting demonstration at Franklin Park


An Interview with Beth Power:
Climate Ride Soil Cycle Fundraiser & Scone Enthusiast

On July 20th, Beth Power chatted with Board Secretary Rachel via a phone interview about her decision to fundraise for Soil Cycle on a Climate Ride in Maine taking place September 23-26, 2021. 

How did you learn about Soil Cycle and decide to fundraise for us?

I was committed to Climate Ride, and Soil Cycle was one of the listed benefactors that's doing fabulous sustainable work. I was so happy to see that something like Soil Cycle existed. I love that it's a women owned businesses and that the transportation of the compost using a bicycle  is brave, innovative, and kind to the earth. I'd never heard of Soil Cycle until Climate Ride, but I was able to connect with (Executive Director) Caitlyn over social media and she sent some fun patches and a T-shirt.

Have you participated in previous Climate Rides or is this a first time?

This will be my third climate ride. My first ride was also in Maine and the second ride was from Virginia to Washington, DC. My niece turned me on to Climate Ride. They’re a wonderful organization, they’re true to their word and raise a bunch of funds for great organizations.

How long have you been a cyclist and what's your process to prepare for a Climate Ride?

I've always been a cyclist. I started in childhood and it's been a life-long passion and hobby. I love traveling to different places (and raising money for things I believes in!) Seven years ago I took 3 months off from work to complete a solo ride from New Hampshire to Key West, Florida. I finished the ride in about 5-6 weeks.

This Climate Ride in Maine is 4 days, 270 miles so I want to be prepared for it. I started training about a month ago. It's not just enough to focus on the cardio, you spend a lot of time on your bike so you need to prepare your arms, butt, neck, etc. I try to ride 5 days a week, and I increase the millage incrementally. I pushed too hard the other week so I had to take some time off. You have to learn how to hydrate and how to nourish yourself. You need to play around and find what works best for you and spend months ahead of time to prepare. My longest ride right now is 30 miles a day so I'm trying for 120 miles a week. I try to ad 25 miles each week.

At this point spending time on my bike has become a meditative state. I think a lot about food. I plan meals and I plan my life. I call on my senses and I'll talk out loud to work through things. I like to look at flowers and plants while I ride. I plan my practice trips around bakeries, I'm always looking for a good scone. My favorite bakeries are in New Hampshire. Florida does not have good scones. You know it's a good scone if it doesn't have a lot of stuff in it; it shouldn't be sweet. It's good to know one's own nerdiness. I love scones and will ride 25 miles to try a new one. I can bake a good scone, but a bakery is a destination. Sometimes I'll even get ice cream.

What advice do you have for someone who might want to complete their own Climate Ride?

Just commit. Sign up and then figure it out. Climate Ride has plenty of resources and they carry all of your things for you. You need a bike, helmet, and water bottles and that's about it. You travel in a group, there are about 40 people in this Maine ride. Sometimes you ride solo, sometimes you ride with others. You find your own pace. I like to ride in the back so I can do my own thing. You also don't have to bike. Climate Ride has opportunities for you to walk or climb too. I'm not a fundraiser by nature but if you give people an opportunity to give, they're very generous. The Earth needs us. Just commit to it and figure it out. 

When you're not riding and fundraising, how do you like to spend your time?

I'm a natural healer, herbalist, gardener, and an Ayurveda counselor. I'm always curious about health. Currently I love to quilt and dye fabric and I'm working with my daughter on some creative projects. I ran my own business, Awakening Touch, for 10 years that specialized in massage, energy work, health counseling, and holistic care for people who have experienced trauma. Covid-19 makes things confusing so I haven’t currently re-opened. I'm sensing a shift in life wanting to happen and I probably won’t get back into massage, I'm going to let things evolve organically. 

Do you compost in your personal life? What does that look like?

Right now I compost yard waste. I'm new in the area and there aren't really any resources about services. I'm trying to find the best way not to invite critters. I've been using the Soil Cycle website for ideas, I love how your website evaluates products! It's so informative. Next for me will be to figure out the kitchen waste.

Any final thoughts to share?

I'm really inspired by what we’re doing, the website is great and educational. If I ever visit Montana, I'll be sure to stop by!

Thank you Beth! Soil Cycle is so lucky to have an advocate on the other side of the country. Check out Beth's Climate Ride fundraiser page if you want to follow along or to donate to Beth!

Compost Tea Testimonial

Five Star Review! 
I was aware of the terrific benefits of using composted soil in my garden and potted plants, but I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible outcome of using Soil Cycle's Compost Tea. The once a month application is easy to follow, convenient to apply, and affordable for a high quality all natural fertilizer. My plants are flourishing from the nutrients provided to the soil, are nearly insect free, pet friendly, and look better than they have in years past. I highly recommend Compost Tea for your garden and potted plants. 
Helen Houlihan
Make sure to stop by Soil Cycle M-F 10am - 2pm for goodies!
Successful Medicinal and Edible Plant Walks at Soil Cycle!

Therese “Trez” Robbins, Garden Manager at Soil Cycle and Herbalist of Heart Beet Herbal Remedies, and Caitlyn Lewis, Executive Director of Soil Cycle led 2 fantastic medicinal and edible plants walk through the vibrant demonstration garden here at Soil Cycle.

New Board Member Spotlight!

Meet our new Community Outreach Board Member Madson Matthias

Everything Madison does is driven by a passionate cultivation of the relationship between people and places — employing radical problem solving, biomimicry, and community engagement wherever possible. She has lived in North America, Europe, and Asia, studying the variations of people’s needs and wants for the environments they inhabit and traverse. Her most profound experiences have been her exposures to biomimicry, and the Dutch integration of bicycles into urban environments and their application of landscape architecture. ​

Madison graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder. During her studies she researched the intersection of cognitive empathy and green infrastructure. Her sustainability skillset is diverse, including experience in LEED green building, GIS and spatial analysis, transportation and municipal planning, placemaking, and zero waste projects. ​

With her enthusiasm for building the capacity of the public through education, Madison is excited to be working with Soil Cycle to build individual empowerment to contribute to combating climate change.

Have you visited Bitterroot Flower Shop recently? They're the newest vender in town to carry Soil Cycle products like worm casing! How adorable is their display area? We love you, Bitterroot Flower Shop!

Thank You For Your Support!

With Love, from our Board and Cyclists! Keep on turning...
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