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Newsletter #27

The main aim of the workshop is addressing training in the area of paediatric transplantation (PT) according to the holistic approach of the network and allows integrate educational activities in all type of transplant and a wide variety of professionals involved in all phases of the transplant.

This workshop provides skills to perform a common and transversal approach to all types of PT procedure. This edition will be focused on medical and nursing teams involved in the follow-up of paediatric transplanted patients. Continuing Education in Medicine of 6 learning hours has been requested to this workshop (UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation).

We have open abstract submissions for three different categories:
  • Oral Presentations: Aimed at Nursing Teams. 20 minutes duration talks related with the area of the workshop.
  • Clinical Cases: Oriented to Medical Teams. 20 minutes presentation of a clinical case of paediatric transplantation.
  • Poster Presentations: For both Nursing & Medical Teams. Posters related to translational research in paediatric transplantation to be presented in a Poster Walk.
Submitting an abstract will give you the opportunity to receive the Workshop Grant that will cover the fee and the travel expenses. If your abstract is selected and you are given the grant, you will be notified before April 15th and we will reimburse your fee and travel costs in case you have already paid.
Submit your abstract
Check the website of the workshop

Evaluation Process of the 2019 call for membership to the existing ERNs


The call to join the 24 existing European Reference Networks (ERNs) was closed on November 30th 2019, allowing a couple of extra days for those healthcare providers with any technical problems. 841 applications for new members were submitted from hospitals across all the Member States and Norway. 17 centres applied to TransplantChild, almost duplicating the network if all of them are aproved.

The process of evaluation and assessment of the applicants will be as it follows:.

  1. The European Commission (EC) will do an eligibility check of all submitted applications, (about one month and a half).
  2. After that, the Board of the ERNs will assess all their network applications. In the opinion is unfavourable, the applicant healthcare provider will have  to respond to the comments. Then, the Board of the ERNs will have the opportunity to review the application (3 months to evaluate, 1 month to respond, 1 month to review).
  3. Continuing the process, the favourable applications will be assessed by the Independent Assessment Body (6 months).
  4. The final phase is formal approval of each candidature by the ERN Board of Member States, which will take up to two months.

The definitive number of new members will be known at the end of the whole assessment process, by the end of 2020.

Next steps for applicants

More than 1,000 Solid Organ Transplants in Ospedale Pediátrico Bambino Gesù


From TransplantChild, we would like to congratulate Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù for passing the threshold of 1000 Solid Organ Transplants From 1986, when the transplant programme started, till the date, the number of transplants performed at the hospital is: 419 renal, 330 cardiac/lung, 252 hepatic and 1 intestinal.

"More than a thousand transplants: we are proud of having achieved that goal because so many children have been given a new chance at life", underlines Dr. Luca Dello Strologo, TransplantChild member and Head of the Kidney Transplant Unit of the hospital. "After 33 years of increasingly intense activity, the data on the survival of our young patients are encouraging. This is possible thanks to all those families who, with the donation of organs, despite the pain of the loss, make other young lives be saved and then thanks to the work of a very close-knit team that includes medical and nursing staff and the National Transplant Center which coordinates the activity throughout Italy ".
More information

ERNs Newsletter

The latests issue of the ERNs Newsletter was published on December 5th. In this issue, the different sections included are. From TransplantChild, we collaborated by sending an article to the section of Good practices and inspirational stories that was titled "ERN TransplantChild launches a video to call for paediatric ERNs Crosstalk". It features the video with the story we produced for the last ERNs Coordinators Group meeting in Brussels, in which we claim for contribution between the all the paediatric ERNs for the future of children.
Access the newsletter
Read the TransplantChild article

ERNs Integration to Healthcare Systems

The EC released an statement containing recommended actions that facilitate the integration of the ERNs in the healthcare system. To ensure a proper and sustainable functioning of the ERNs and to reap all benefits for patients suffering from rare and low prevalence complex diseases across the EU, the networks need to be linked in a clear and stable way to the healthcare systems of the Member States. The Statement aims to give incentives to Member States to further enhance the integration process with the ERNs.
Read the statement
ERN Activities

Latest Webinars

 All Groups 
 05 09 2019 - TransplantChild All Groups Update
 Healthcare Working Group 
 24 10 2019 - Program of clinical audits in paediatric

 04 04 2019 - CPMS TransplantChild activity
 Clinical Practice Guidelines Working Group 
 28 11 2019 - Risk of bias

 26 09 2019 - Data extraction
 Research Working Group 
 07 03 2019 - Promoted research: pitfalls and
                      opportunities in the whole European
                      research scenario
 Education and Training Working Group 
 09 01 2020 - Education plan 2020

 19 12 2019 - Patient Education & Training Gaps
 Networking & Knowledge Working Group 
 05 12 2019 - Share and retain the generated

 13 06 2019 - Human capital
 Quality and Safety Working Group
 10 10 2019 - Participation in the DG SANTE WG on
                      Continuous Monitoring

 11 04 2019 - Perceived quality by patients, families
                      and relatives
 ERN IT Platforms and Registry Pills 
 14 11 2019 - Registry General Considerations

 31 10 2019 - PaEdiatric Transplantation European
 Research Funding Office Pills 
 14 08 2019 - Next H2020 Research Calls focused on

 05 06 2019 - Next Research European Calls
Webinar Calendar
Available webinars
Upcoming Events

Submissions for poster abstracts are now open (until February 10th). For more information, visit the following link.

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11 – 14 March 2020, Berlin, Germany
"Pre-clinical research to develop effective therapies for rare diseases"
2nd EJP RD Joint Transnational Call 2020
for Rare Diseases Research Projects

"Demonstration projects on existing statistical methodologies to improve RD CT"
Clinical Trials Methodology Demonstration Projects
EJP RD Internal Call for Proposals 2019

Networking Support Scheme (NSS) Call

Rare Diseases Research (RDR) Challenges Call & Networking event
Training on strategies to foster solutions of undiagnosed rare disease cases
27 – 29 April 2020, Rome, Italy

Next Webinars 

Jan 16 Nursing Teams WG meeting
Jan 23 E-learning sessions

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