Baroque at the Edge 2020 came and went (how quickly it flies by!) in its usual whirl of sounds beautiful, challenging, startling, uplifting, familiar and unfamiliar.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in it, whether in the audience, on the stage or behind the scenes, and who together made it the unique event it is. It was a delight to see another year of planning come to fruition in performances not only of such high quality, but with so much engagement in the whole ethos of what we are trying to create with our unusual little festival. It's always possible to tell how well an artist has performed from the way the audience reacts (and ours certainly seemed to like what they heard!), but audiences don't always get to know what the performers thought of them. It's a real pleasure, then, to be able to report that we received many strong appreciations from this year's artists of you, the BatE audience. A close and relaxed relationship between performers and listeners is something we've always wanted for this festival, so to you who came along this year, thank you for your warmth, attentiveness and sheer positive energy! We look forward to having you with us again next year.

We'll be announcing the dates of BatE 2021 soon (look out for further e-newsletters), and further details of the festival will follow in the coming months. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from last weekend.

Lindsay Kemp  
Artistic Director

Lucy Bending 
Festival Manager