Dear All,
Just a quick message to say thank you for the appreciative response we had to last week’s e-news, and to our upload of the first excerpt from the 2018 BatE concert by Tabea Debus and Alex McCartney. Part 2, featuring a movement from a supremely elegant sonata by French baroque composer Michael Blavet, is available today.

The power of music to soothe and inspire continues to be proved at almost every turn as lockdown-life trudges on. BBC Radio 3, it seems, has been playing a big part in people’s lives, as was recognised recently by a warmly worded editorial in The Guardian. As a Radio 3 producer himself, our Artistic Director finds the network filling his home like never before, with his study becoming a temporary base for live production of some episodes of the In Tune programme (see photo). It’s surprising how quickly it begins to feel normal to work through a mobile to a studio engineer in Broadcasting House while communicating with a presenter at his home in South London via phone and Skype, while simultaneously listening to the output through an FM radio, while keeping all of it together on a laptop! You need a bit of a lie-down afterwards, mind!  
Stay safe, and keep the music flowing.